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crackingtoast Posted: Sep 5th 2010

Hey guys. Okay,at the moment i'm watching The Wrong Trousers in HD on Itunes. Now,the picture quality is absolutely great and all that, but I can't help thinking it's been tampered with. I am aware about the replacement of music like Happy Birthday and the music during Gromit trying to get to sleep, but that's not what has got my attention. This will sound very nerdy, but the original music by Julian Nott sounds different. I haven't seen The Wrong Trousers in a while till now,but I'm almost certain that the music at the start,inwhich Gromit is in the kitchen,opening his card,updating his calender etc originally sounded asthough it came from a radio, but now,upon watching the HD version, the music doesn't sound like it's coming from a radio and it's distincly echoey. asthough the music has been re-recorded. The same with the music during the bit inwhich Wallace makes Gromit go off to the park in the Techno-Trousers and Gromit replaces himself with a toy dog while he goes on slide. There's also a music cue when Gromit is watching Wallace and Feathers (In silhouettes) just before he leaves home,and I don't remember the little music cue that is in that part being in the original non-HD version at all! Has anyone else noticed this? Can someone comfirm if changes have been made for the HD version of the film?

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 5th 2010

I havent seen it in HD, but it sounds as though they have tried to correct the music, but instead of 'filling in' and raising off notes, it has made them seem worse possibly?

crackingtoast Posted: Sep 5th 2010

Nah, they don't really sound worse,but I can't help thinking it kinda takes something away. They sounds more recent and slightly echoey. I'm not sure what they have done but it's defo a big difference. I'm watching A Grand Day Out in HD now and the music suonds very very very clear. You can hear every instrument and everything. Some serious sound remastering (or replacing possibly) must've been done to these HD versions.

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 5th 2010

oh, must be a thing thats supposed to make it sound better, maybe the music cue either wasnt as clear or was much quieter before?

crackingtoast Posted: Sep 5th 2010

Nope, it's at the same volume. I think it's been remastered because it's defo the same recording. But I think it's a different case with The Wrong Trousers. Something a bit more drastic has happened there. I'm sure of it. I wonder if one of the mods can comfirm what's been done

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 5th 2010

Hey ct, iTunes 'HD' can be misleading. There is, as you know, an SD version of it. This is a much smaller file size and does not look as good when played at full scale on iTunes. This is because the pixel size for the video is much smaller, probably for iPod nano (3g-6g) and classic. Th HD has a much larger pixel size to be played on a pc or iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. Now, I know this is done with quite a few videos on iTunes but I'm not sure if this is the case with TWT. (I just watched the preview and compared it to SD. And there is something really different) But this is a possibility.

iantimothy Posted: Sep 5th 2010

I have the SD version, and I noticed no difference in the audio.

crackingtoast Posted: Sep 5th 2010

iantimothy - Is it SD on Itunes or on one of the more recent DVD's because if that's so it'll probably be the same

GLB - Ah right. I can't access the SD version on Itunes, It just says HD - SD so i'm not sure if it's one or the other, but there is defo something different with the audio rather than the visuals.

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 6th 2010

CT, To access the SD version on iTunes, bring up 'the complete collection' HD and down the side you will see the album artwork again but at a cheaper price with standard definition written above it. Click on that.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Sep 6th 2010

Thats weird

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