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Chocachoc Posted: Sep 9th 2010

Hey guys! I've just come here to announce that I have started animating again after over 2 years of not touching a single piece of plasticine! Hi to people that don't know me, and a huge hello to the people that do!!! I am very pleased to be bringing Barry back to life again and my recent Barry short will be up on youtube soon!

My youtube channel:

Hello to everyone! Who's here!?


thetopbun Posted: Sep 9th 2010

AT LAST!!! YOU ARE BACK! :D I WONDERED WHY YOU STOPPED :( I was talking to Urs about it :D She is giving me your msn ;) Glad to see you again ;) Remember me?

Nathan M Posted: Sep 9th 2010

welcome back!! i hope you remember me :) i cant belive its 2 whole years that u havnt toutched placticine though haha :)

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 9th 2010

Hi guys! Of COURSE I remember you two! It's so nice to 'see' you both again! I know, I can't believe it's a whole 2 years either! It's been so long!

The Barry video is finally up!

Here's the link to my channel:
The specific video:

iantimothy Posted: Sep 9th 2010

Glad you're back. That animation is great, for not touching any clay for two years that really impressive, I know if I even go a month I get a little rusty. The expressions are great. I can't remember, what program do you use?

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 9th 2010

Great to see you are still animating iantimothy! How are the beaver and friends doing? The last I've seen from you I think is the first one where he makes instant homes and things! I bet you have done LOADS since then, you have to update me with what you've done since ;)!

How is everyone else doing animation wise, aswell?

I use stopmotion pro, and by the way, one of the reasons why I started animating again is because I saw one of the videos I did when I used to animate and remembered how I didnt have the program on my computer anymore. My computer got a virus which lead me to resetting the whole thing, and this changed my computer id. When I downloaded the program again two or three days ago, it wouldn't recognise me as the id was different to the id I had registered it with. Anyway, after e-mailing the staff and things trying to get the program back I was able to use it again! It may have been my thought paths whilst I was attempting to get my program back that lead me to animate something longer than 10 seconds as I may have done otherwise!

Wow that was a long story, sorry about that! That is how I amnow here again after so long, I won't be as intensely animating like before because I'm doing a very tough set of a levels so I won't get much of a social life, let alone enough time to spend hours moving clay snails fractions of a cm at a time loads of times!!!

iantimothy Posted: Sep 9th 2010

Well you have four episodes to catch up on in the world of Beaver Creek. You can see all of the episodes here. and if you look on my channel you can see a couple of other films I have done.

I have been pretty busy too.

I have gotten some big awards and major recognition.
These are some of the major ones.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 10th 2010

Welcome back chocachoc! Has it really been 2 years?! How time flies....

Love your new animation, very well done. What a-levels are you taking?

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 10th 2010

Welcome Back Chocachoc!
Not sure if you remember me, though I remember you.
I LOVED Barry, I'm so glad his back :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 10th 2010

I love the fact you can see the fingerprints in the plasticine!
great job!

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 10th 2010

@iantimothy WOW! I really have missed a lot of you! I will watch all of your films after typing this! All your achievements are amazing! I can see why you got them, from what I saw of you last time I knew you were fantastic! I will go right to your channel and watch them all in a minute!!! Congrats on all of the achievements!

@katie Time does fly! Thanks, I'm pleased that I can still remember how to do it! I'm taking biology, chemistry, physics and maths for a levels. My goal is to get a placement in a veterinary college to become a veterinary surgeon, which is so competitive, but I'm going to work extremely hard to get there! I've had a week of 6th form so far and am already shattered! Nice hearing from you again, katie!

@Clay Fighter I do remember you! Thanks for the lovely comments

You know, having come back to animating it was a nice feeling doing something I really enjoyed doing a while ago. Coming back here and seeing people I remember is a lovely extra! Your encouragement and tips are one of the things I missed during the last 2 years. Ah, I'm glad to be back. Hopefully for a while!


thetopbun Posted: Sep 10th 2010

Woop! Well done so far on the A-Levels :) I hope you do whatever you want to do ;) I have quite a lot of catching up to do I feel, I don't really know why :P I'll add you on msn soon so if some random person adds you it might be me ;)

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 10th 2010

Hehe, ok ;)

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 10th 2010

Hey, iantimothy, I need your advice. Your sounds within your videos are very good, would you be able to advise me on what you do and how you do things audio wise, as I am currently struggling to think of ways to bring the sound of my videos to life, theme tune wise and generally everything else. My characters probably won't speak, but I need help on what I can do to bring my videos to life a bit more.

Thanks ian, or anyone else who can advise me on what I should do :)

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Sep 10th 2010

Good to see you back, Chocachoc! :)

iantimothy Posted: Sep 10th 2010

Well, we have a professional recording studio in the basement, so that helps. We have a CD with hollywood sound effects on it, and we use those for stuff we can't make. Usually to make sound effects, I use household item, lots of cardboard, spoons, towels and other things. For music there are quite a few things you can do, if you, or someone you know plays an instrument, you could record that and use it, or you could download some royalty free music.
There is a bunch of different ways you could do your sound, do you want it cartoony, or realistic or a mix of both, I do both, I think cartoony mixed with realistic has a good effect. But whatever you decide will probably be great.

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Thanks iantimothy! I have a portable sound recorder, that I hope will work ok for everything. Would you be able to tell me what sound CD you have, please? Or is it top secret stuff ;)

iantimothy Posted: Sep 11th 2010

afrachocolate Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Well come back:D

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Hey chocachoc, long time no speak! Glad your back!!
Looking forward to see lots more Barry the Snail episodes!
I've got a new Green Roots episode coming out hopefully next week (episode 4)
Keep up the great work!

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Thanks :)! Hey, vincent! I saw your green roots snail episode and it is so good! I can't wait till the next one ;)!

I'll look for a cd or two for sound effects, I think I saw some when I was looking earlier. I'll get them as soon as I can so I can get cracking at putting my recent video to sound. I play the piano and bassoon, so I'll see what I can create. What program does everyone windows use to put audio to video, I used to use windows media player but that wasn't great.

thetopbun Posted: Sep 11th 2010

If you want me to recommend software does it need to be freeware or what?

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Yeah, a free program reccomendation preferably ;)

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Is there anything similar to wmm but better for layering audio onto video?

Miley05 Posted: Sep 11th 2010

I got one question, can you put me in your claymations? I want to be a bunny and I want to meet Barry! I know it will take a long time but it would be worth it to have fun! You can call me Miley without the 05. ;)

shogg Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Urrmm...Chocachoc,i've watched some of your videos,and can i say,they are freeking awesome!!!!!!

thetopbun Posted: Sep 12th 2010

This is pretty good for software! :D

I suggest WAX as I know it is good! :)

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Hehe, thanks shogg! Miley, if you think of a good short storyline with rabbit in it, I may be able to do that ;). I don't usually do rabbits though, what about a grey slug with a particular character?

Thanks, thetopbun! I'll check it out now :)

shogg Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Hey,i 'm called Steno1234 on Youtube,LOL

Any tips?
By the way i love rabbits,have you got any rabbit plasticene bunnies?

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Have you done much animating before? I'd just say practice makes perfect and this forum can answer quite a few of your questions :). I haven't got any plasticine bunnies, no.

shogg Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Well,funny enough i've just started and my sister's friend actually does this kind of stuff,so i'm just proud to say,that i'm starting to do my own stuff.

So,yeh,i'm making practice videos first,then ya know,doin it,any tips about making them?

AND by the way Is barry made out of plasticene,and if so,which kind,just a general quiestion

thetopbun Posted: Sep 12th 2010

I only do CG stuff now...although...I am actually moving back to plasticine so I can put it in my showreel and hopefully *fingers crossed* get a job at aardman ;)

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Thats good you're starting your own stuff and you've got someone to help! I use newplast plasticine and the eyes are beads with painted on acrylic black paint. Barry is made out of plasticine.

Post you're videos as you do them!!! I'd love to see you improve! ;D

shogg Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Ok,I've got one,but may i ask you a question? How did you get a lot of people to watch the videos,now,i mean advertising...Like one of my videos has 50 views? And others have 1000's,yet,how do you make more people watch it.
It's nice to know what you use,and i'll try doing that (practicing) Making barry,but don't worry,it won't be put in my videos or anything's my rubbish Trailer for a new series coming in December 2010- Named 'Rollong' Rollong is an blob of plastice moving about doing wierd stuff,so yeh here's the teaser trailer:

Oh and,I've done a walkthrough with my friend on Super Smash Bros Brawl,you see one part of my account is based on Games Here's the video: ( ) (My voice is wierd,i've got a really bad cold)

So,yeh my account is made up of:
Random Life
Life Situations
Advice on Sitto

Yeh...oh and i don't have anyone to help jsut myself a average Year 8 guy XD

iantimothy Posted: Sep 12th 2010

To get more views, don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Find animation sites, and give people your links, find things related to your animation and share it with that. For instance, Beaver Creek is a huge hit with beaver people, one site, promotes all the Beaver Creek Episode, They even put DVDs in an auction at their Beaver Festival.

shogg Posted: Sep 12th 2010

So,i'm doing a 5 minuite video of a plastic ball moving...Is that a good idea? Will it intrest people,If so,which people?

So,yeh,IanTimothy i'm glad your Beaver Creek got the fame it did,i wish i was like you,but i understand,you have to deserve it,and that's what i'm aiming for:)

iantimothy Posted: Sep 12th 2010

honestly, that is a common idea among beginning stop motion, that would be great for tests, but I wouldn't make it five minutes, if you do it at full 24 frames per seconds, that is 7,200 frames, which is a lot! I would say the biggest mistake I see with people starting animation, is they make it way to long. people think that the longer their animation the better it is, I would say, start at ten seconds, have a ball move around, then try 30 seconds then a minute. After that, maybe you could try to think of some simple characters and stories. How do you plan to shoot your animation, what software, and camera? If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will try to help as much as possible.

shogg Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Hey,thanks for keep replying to my situations.

Yeh,i Agree,i never thought of that,Wow,you taught me a lesson,maybe 1/2 minuites at the most then,But will people actually watch it,or is it just going to be a huge flop?

Err,I'm basically doing it on pieces of paper on the floor...But,is there any chance i can get a white screen,if so,under 20 pound,just a small one...

I'm using an ordinary Nokia Camera,which is pretty amazing,but not the high tech,but it's wiilling to take videos and pictures. You see,my video up there,was keep taking pictures on my Dsi,i was just testing it.

So,tell me how to beggin doing 'Rollong'

iantimothy Posted: Sep 12th 2010

30 seconds would be great. If you want a solid white background I would suggest a piece of posterboard cliped to two pieces of wood. I would suggest getting some sort of stopmotion program though.

shogg Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Ok,i'll look for the posterboard on amazon or my local craft shop.
Maybe,But for 30 seconds,how many pictures would that be? mean stopmotion program? Are they free,if so can you name them?

iantimothy Posted: Sep 12th 2010

that is only 360 frames, it may sound like a lot but when you are working, it isn't to much. You should be able to get posterboard from any craft or office store.
for the program it depends on how advance you want to get there are free ones, you may have to ask some other people on here about those, if you want to pay, if you have Windows then you would want Stopmotion Pro, or if you have a Mac you would want iStopmotion.

shogg Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Well,may i ask,what exactly does it do? Because i thought stop motion was just taking pictures and...Is that how you made Beaver Creek?

iantimothy Posted: Sep 12th 2010

That is what it does, you can hook up a camera and press a button and it will take a single frame, I don't know of any cameras these days that have a single frame button, they may have a picture button, but that one be just one frame. I use iStopmotion

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Heya, just thought I'd let you know that I've re-uploaded my Barry film so it includes sound and seems more professional! Thanks for the advice, iantimothy! I used mainly soundsnap for sounds, as I had some already and I got some more :)

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 13th 2010

Hey Chocachoc!!
I dont know if you have seen my animations about Scott The Slug?
they arent very good, infact, they are really bad, but I thought you might like to know.
here is the 1st:
I would appreciate it if you checked them out ;)

shogg Posted: Sep 13th 2010

Hey,Ian,Is iStopmotion completely free?

iantimothy Posted: Sep 13th 2010

no, it is $50 for the regular version $100 for express and $400 i think, for pro. It is only for Mac though, so if you have a Windows you would want Stopmotion Pro

Chocachoc Posted: Sep 13th 2010

I like your videos, clay fighter! Love the slug ;)

Remind me, what do you use iantimothy?

iantimothy Posted: Sep 13th 2010


Chocachoc Posted: Sep 13th 2010

Cool :)

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