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shogg Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Hey there,i'm currently making animations,here's a list:

Preston The Penguin - This was once going to be a teddy bear program about Preston and his mates...It aired last year on Youtube,but it wasn't right...So i redo it with a simple plasticene way.
Airing: April 2011

Rollong- Yeh,this is a completely new idea,it's a plasticene ball named Rollong,and we see him do fun stuff,it's basically like Morph...but a morph,and he goes on more adventures,Yeh...Simple-astic!
Airing: (Hopefully) December 2010
Videos- - The Rollong Teaser, This is just a tester of what i am doing,just seeing if it works and does,it's rubbish and all that,but you learn from failing

Bob - Another idea,Bob has been a common name since and originally called 'Boring Old Bum' As people call it at school,but there not taking the mic,they just like calling Bob 'Boring Old Bum' but they havn't seen my Bob animation (Lol,that sounds wrong XD) So,this is a stickman named Bob,but i'm thinking of a different name,but just tottaly like bob,but his annoying name-calling is annoying. (Anyway,Bob is not 'Boring Old Bum' he's not even shaped like a bum,he's a stickman moving around)
Airing: (Rushily) Febuary 2011

The Village Elsewhere's (Yet to change) - T.V.E is set to change to a different name! This is based on a group of Village people doing there daily things in a Un-usual Place in a Un-Usual time
Airing: (Maybe) December 2012
(Picture of one of the people below)

So this is all my latest animations,there all going to be made by plasticene :) Please comment below,and this will be updated weekly,Thanks,

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