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jordan Posted: Sep 19th 2010

i visited my local figure shop where they have all the Robbert Harrop W&G figures on display, upon looking at them it looks like the paint has faded, and all the figures were turning grey in colour, i think this is due to direct sunlight. the figures had kind of dark steaks on them, they looked a sorry state, but it made me think this isnt a good thing and that we should keep our figures away from a strong light source incase of our collections. this may happen to. just wanted to warn you guys, just to stop this from maybe happening to you. dont really want these expensive fab figures being ruined

Nathan M Posted: Sep 20th 2010

Thanks Jordan :) These are really expensive and i wouldnt want anything to happen to mine thanks

jordan Posted: Sep 20th 2010

just relised this is my 100th post yeh i hope it doesnt happen to our collections

Nathan M Posted: Sep 20th 2010

Lol yeah i would be disapointed if mine lossed colour, there not the cheapest things in the world, what do you mean by 100th post?

Gromits little bro Posted: Sep 20th 2010

100th thread? or 100th post?
Because I'm sure you've posted at least 100 times.

Nathan M Posted: Sep 20th 2010

how do you find out anyway

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 21st 2010

Thanks, I will keep mine away from direct sunlight, lucky I saw this!

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