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VincentAnimations01 Posted: Oct 4th 2010

Well sorry for the delay but Green Roots 4 is here!

Green Roots - Pyrotechnic Vegetables
Run Time: 3:24

Hope you all enjoy, any feedback would be great!

Check out my website at for further info on my animations.

Lawrence Vincent

womble1 Posted: Oct 4th 2010

cool :)
love it:D
well done

thetopbun Posted: Oct 4th 2010

Really well done! Do you want me to give critique or not? ;)

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Oct 4th 2010


thetopbun Posted: Oct 4th 2010

Well generally the story was good and made me laugh sometimes. I think the lighting could have had a slightly better atmosphere in a way. Slightly more of a yellow glow, not lighter... The animation was quite good, we all know how had stop motion is and I thought it was generally good.
There was one problem with the lip sync though..? How do you do it? Do you use JLipSync? It seemed like you were swapping a mouth every frame...

mmasonghi studios Posted: Oct 4th 2010

great job!

This Is my Fav Qoute

"Who Cares We Get To Blow Things Up!"

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Oct 5th 2010

TTB; If I'm honest I don't really understand what you mean by: ''There was a problem with the lip sync..... it seemed like you were swapping a mouth every frame.......''
- Thats exactly how I did it!!!! (like in W&G and most placticine animated films) Its generally the process of stop frame lip sync, ever heard of replacement mouths....????
I use stop motion pro for all my animating and lip syncing!
If I had made the lighting more yellow it would of looked less atmospherical. To create night time effects I use blue and purple washes... yellow and orangey washes are generally associated with morning light!

But thanks for the ''critique'' anyhow! :)

Gromits little bro Posted: Oct 5th 2010

Good comeback :P

Seriously though, I don't understand what the heck the problem is with that either.

Ursrut Posted: Oct 5th 2010

LOVE IT :D... Great to watch after a long day :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 6th 2010

Wow! you have your own domain name? how much did that cost?
Unfortunately, I cannot watch the episode due to my internet connection being slowed down as I have used my months usage and for some reason it resets on the 8th of every month instead of the first, so once my internet connection is sped up in 2 days I will watch it and tell you what I think, which i'm sure will be all praise ;)

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Oct 6th 2010

The domain only cost like £20 for the year, I created the site for free on weebly!

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 6th 2010

wow, only £20 a year? thats pretty good, Oh yes, weebly.

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 7th 2010

Hey Lawrence!
I just watched it and it exceeded my expectations!!
I have to say, It was a very busy episode!!
I love the way carrots leaves rustle in the wind.
also- Is potatoes hat a lego one by any chance??

thetopbun Posted: Oct 8th 2010

It is hard to explain what I mean. Like a really light orange glow kind of like that street light or house light feel.
I understand a lot more about animation than you think and I know what replacement mouths are. But you are not supposed to make HUGE changes to the mouth shape every time. Each sound has to last at least 2 frames, I have done loads of research and they say you should do this because otherwise the animation looks way too chattery. I could give you an example if you want?

iantimothy Posted: Oct 8th 2010

I think the lip sync looks great, and TTB you don't have to make each mouth two seconds, in fact it shouldn't be consistent. If a sound lasts 1 frame then leave the mouth on one frame, it it lasts 10 frames leave it on ten frames. And most of the Dialogue in Green Roots is pretty fast paced anyway.

I really liked this episode, I liked that it was shorter.
no complaints here.
one question though. Will potato and corn be returning?

Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 8th 2010

As always VA, an amazing stop motion. Great lighting, awesome story, smooth animating and accurate lip sync.

Take a bow son! |-)

Chocachoc Posted: Oct 8th 2010

Hey, I thought everything was fantastic; the effects, the lighting and the lipsinc! I really love your work and great website by the way!

By the way, for a project i'm doing at school I am creating a series of short 1-5 minute animations and was wondering if anyone, including you and iantimothy as you both create lovely episodes, could give me any advice. I have my characters and the set you have seen in some videos (grass and sky).

I am usually on skype so if anyone uses it (its fantastic by the way) that is my form of msn. thetopbun, you said about my bad msning as I NEVER go on, so if you e-mail me I will send you my skype details.

Iantimothy and Vincent, if you have skype, if you e-mail or send a youtube message that would be great as that would be a great form of communication :).

Great work again Vincent, as I have already said, its cracking ;)

iantimothy Posted: Oct 8th 2010

I will be happy to help with anything you need. I don't have a skype though. Do you have a facebook page, I am friends with Vincent on there.

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Oct 9th 2010

@Chocacchoc I will also be happy to help out!
Don't use MSN or skype though I do have facebook so feel free to add me if you like!

Thanks everyone, @Ian, Potato and Corn will definitely be back, don't worry! I only blew them up to create humour and also to add the punch line about, mash potato! In no way was I killing them off the series, just cartoony explosions!

@TTB, I honestly do appreciate your comments, I was just a little confused with what you meant! Yes, I do move each mouth every 1 or 2 frames. I have made my lip syncing into a sort of Green Roots 'trademark'. When I designed the characters I could have chosen to make Carrots mouth orange and blended it in with his body like Wallace etc. Though to make the series look more unique I decided to use simple loops of green plasticine. This way each character had a sort of identity saying it had been produced by 'Lawrence Vincent'. Years ago I did tests using orange mouths on Carrot, it just didn't look right! Each character has Green mouths (except potato) this comes from the title ''Green'' roots.

Thanks again everyone!

Gromits little bro Posted: Oct 9th 2010

Glad that's all been cleared up! Excellent episode- short and sweet and yet had a good storyline! Well done ;)

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 9th 2010

TTB, Although I appreciate how you have done soo much 'research' animation is one of those things you cant really learn from a book or from a person, you can only learn by experience!
Everyone does things differently, for instance If you posted a video of you tying your shoe lace, I could'nt say you do it wrong because its different to what Ive read on how to tie shoelaces, because thatis your 'style' or what you feel comfortable!
I really Like lawrence's talking style, something else I love is that 'Vincent' comany does soo much!
In almost every episode 'Lawrences _____*some object name* ' is always there to supply the Veggies with their answer to the certainb predicament. ;)

Chocachoc Posted: Oct 9th 2010

Thanks guys! I've searched for you on facebook but there are always so many people so i cant find you! Would you be able to youtube message me your pages or something :)

thetopbun Posted: Oct 9th 2010

Just so you know, I am not trying to get on the bad side of everyone I am just trying to make you a better animator, Vincent...sorry I have done nothing to help you.
If that is your style carry on, but I just want to say it looks like it moves just slightly too fast. Don't get me wrong, I would never be able to create what you could with plasticine if I was just working by myself so I just want to congratulate you and get people to stop flaming me.

@Ian, if you only let a frame go on for one second then the animation looks way too chattery. I understand what you mean but if you think about 25 different mouth shapes in 25 different frames? Doesn't that looks slightly too fast?

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Oct 9th 2010

No worries TTB! Thanks! :)

Today, Green Roots 4 is been screened at my schools annual open day!
The animation is on loop all over the school, should be great for promotion! Also I've put posters up on practically every door and wall in the school.

@Chocachoc: Will do!

Just out of interest, what is everyones favourite part of this film?

thetopbun Posted: Oct 9th 2010

Haha! I would ask which school but the rules state we can't say ANYTHING! Haha, my favourite part is the last rocket :)

Chocachoc Posted: Oct 9th 2010

I LOVE the cheesy ending! :D (cheesy potato?! ;) )

iantimothy Posted: Oct 9th 2010

Chocachoc, on facebook search "Ian Timothy" and my profile pic is from Beaver Creek, if that does'n't find me then you can narrow it down to Ian Timothy, from Louisville, Kentucky.

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Oct 20th 2010

Pyrotechnic Vegetables has been put in the Fylde newspaper this week.
Check out this link and scroll down!

Chocachoc Posted: Oct 20th 2010

Well done Lawrence!!! Thats fantastic!!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Oct 20th 2010


Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 21st 2010

Wow! good work! :D

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