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womble1 Posted: Oct 9th 2010

This is a short animation on a Alien and his Dog and what they get up to.
Will be done by end of the weekend at the latest:)

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 9th 2010

ooh, an alien and a dog, sounds interesting, Kind of like Marvin the Martian!

womble1 Posted: Oct 10th 2010

I've finished it much quicker than expected
though having trouble loading it
it starts loading along the bottom then when full it kinds of freezes
is this due to the size because its only 1min or 2:O

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 10th 2010

can we see it?

womble1 Posted: Oct 11th 2010

It is on the creations page if you want to see it.
It's called Plop and Tripe Beach
Hope you like it.:D

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 12th 2010

hmm... I cannot find it, maybe it hasnt been accepted yet.

womble1 Posted: Oct 12th 2010

womble1 Posted: Oct 12th 2010

And it on the creations page now:D
plz comment

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 12th 2010

I commented!!
I also commented on the youtube one,
good animaiton, maybe make it a bit smoother?

womble1 Posted: Oct 13th 2010

Thanks for the tip
I have got ideas for a couple more stories:D
So watch out;)

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