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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 15th 2010

Hi guys! Is anyone into Raving Rabbids? Thought you might like to see a new website we've just launched:
Scroll round and let me know what you think :)

Aardman are also planning to create some Raving Rabbid animated films - find out more on the Aardman website


womble1 Posted: Oct 15th 2010

looks really cool =D

ajmole Posted: Oct 15th 2010

Grrr, I was about to post this! I LOVE da rabbids! I love Rabbids Go Home.

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 16th 2010

haha OMG, i love raving rabbids.

timmythesheep848 Posted: Oct 16th 2010

I heard about this a couple of days ago!

Wow the game looks awesome!
A time travelling washing machine how cool!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 19th 2010

Cool, glad you like it :)

I'm working my way through Rabbids Go Home at the moment - looking forward to the new one coming out!

ajmole Posted: Oct 19th 2010

Isn't it great katie? I'm pretty far, but considering the story line, I truthfully have no idea if I beat the game or not. XD

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Oct 22nd 2010

Haha exactly, it's absolutely bonkers! ......but very fun |-)

ajmole Posted: Oct 22nd 2010

My mom loves the Rabbids too! Ooh, now I want to play it!

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