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Chocachoc Posted: Oct 17th 2010

Hey guys! I've just started filming my first proper Barry the Snail episode! I am really quite excited I am finally gathering some sort of structure to my videos (as in episodes) and not just little tests as usual.

Basically, I thought it would be nice to have a 'behind the scenes' discussion on this forum, so here it is!

So far I have drawn up the storyboard, tweaked my set so I will have moving clouds throughout and created Barry and a NEW character! I have just started filming and I have just finished shot 3. These three shots add up to 15 seconds.

I hope you enjoy following my first Barry the snail episode and i'll keep posting updates!

Nathan M Posted: Oct 17th 2010


Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 18th 2010


Chocachoc Posted: Oct 18th 2010

Hey, guys! This is a still from the first shot of Barry the Snail's episode!

Changes I have made include clouds in the background which I move a millimetre at a time to make drifting clouds and I have discovered WIDESCREEN! I am really pleased I have found this setting as I find something nice looking about widescreen :D. I am keeping the set quite minimalistic, as I want the viewer to be drawn to the characters. I am using the same set I have used for several tests, including Barry and the slush mug. The only 'big' change to the set is some moving clouds!

I re-made the Barry model, along with freshly painted eyes! I would love to tell you about the new character featured in this, but I think I'll keep it a secret ;) Its a bit of fun, ey :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 19th 2010

looks awesome!

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 7th 2010

Hey, guys! I'm just in the middle of editing out rigging at the moment and it is taking such a long time! Could anyone tell me how they do it?

The way i'm doing it at the moment is taking out one frame at a time into a photoshop-type program and using the clone tool to edit out the rig. How do you guys do it?

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 7th 2010

I use Stop motion pro 7, it has a built in rig remover there. ;)

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Nov 7th 2010

Theres a much better way Chocachoc.
Your right to extract each frame however don't use the clone tool.
I'll try and explain how I do it.
Right: Just before you start animating the rig, take a single shot/picture of the background e.g.the set. Then without moving the camera or set animate your rig.
Then, extract each frame individually (including the one static shot of the set you took at the beginning)
On photoshop open up the one individual picture of the set you took before animating. Then also open up your first frame with the rig.
Overlay this rig layer on top of the individual layer you opened earlier.
This then puts the one static individual shot of the set beneath the rig layer.
Use the rubber tool and erase the rig on the 'rig' layer. As you rub away the rig layer the other layer beneath becomes visible.
As the layer beneath has no rig on but the same background the rig simply disappears.
Do this with each frame using the same background shot beneath each frame.

e.g When I filmed the rocket shooting off in GR4 I took a picture of the overall set then without moving the camera I animated the rocket on its rig. I then used the process above to erase the rig individually on each frame. (below raw image of rocket/potato on rig)

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 7th 2010

I used to do what VA has just explained. It is a must that you make sure your lighting is the same :)

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 7th 2010

Brilliant, thankyou very much for explaining that to me! Unfortunately I have today just finished editing the rigging out using the clone tool, and I am not very happy with the resulting blurring effect it has where the rig was. It took me hours to edit it and cannot use the technique you explained because I do not have a starting image. I may go back to it and refilm it when I've done a bit more of the film, but for now I'll leave it because I just spent a long time on it!

The program I'm using is very similar to Photoshop, but I will have to research and try to find out how to use layers. I know it has it though, I just don't know how to use it!

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 7th 2010

By the way, guys, I am in a complete muddle about my career path. My top goal atm is to get into vet college and I'm doing 3 sciences and maths a level, but I love animation so much!

Could you guys give me (not too biased) any advice as I would love to be a vet or animator but they are so different paths to take. Laurence, your path is animation so I'd love to hear your advice!

My current path is vet, but animation unis don't seem to be as specific with subjects?

Heeelp!!! :S

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 8th 2010

woohoo! cant wait.
as for Vet science or Animation, I would say Animation, unfortunately I can tgive out much advice though.

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 10th 2010

Hey! Just for fun I've made a twitter account for my animations, so you can find out how I'm getting on with the film from there! First time twitter user right here, but it should be a bit of fun! :D


iantimothy Posted: Nov 10th 2010

vet or animator, thats a big difference... well do you want to be a rich doctor or a starving artist... just kidding, whatever you enjoy more is what you should do.

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 10th 2010

Haha, yeah. Hey, Ian, are you in the same year as me? When do you plan to go to uni? Are you aiming to be an animator?

By the way, it's my birthday tomorrow :D

iantimothy Posted: Nov 10th 2010

I looked on facebook, it looks like you are a year ahead of me. I have no idea yet where I am going, I will probably go into some sort of film or art, there are some good art programs here in the state, which is good. If I stay in the state it is a lot cheaper, and because of the Scholastic awards, I will probably be able to get some scholarships will will also help.

Happy Birthday.

Ursrut Posted: Nov 11th 2010

Happy Birthday Chocachoc! That is three people I know with a Birthday today :)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 11th 2010

Have a happy one!

iantimothy Posted: Nov 11th 2010

Chocachoc, I just saw your post on facebook, about BBC. That's Great!!

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 11th 2010

Thanks, Ian! I am so pleased, a first contact from anything big like the BBC is great! So pleased :)

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 12th 2010

happy birthday!
whats this about BBC?

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Nov 12th 2010

Well done Chocachoc!! That utterly fantastic!

To answer your question on facebook, the newspaper contacted me through school and then interviewed me. I was on page 3, so the current joke at school is that I am the page 3 boy!! :Dlol

mmm, Vet and animation are two very different subject areas.
I know nothing about veterinary but you seem to be taking the right subjects for this course.
To do animation you should really be doing an Art A-level - if not you could always do a foundation art course or take evening classes. I had a 'mock' interview toady based on the interviews I must do at university. The interview went great and although the interviewer (animator from Warner Bro's & Travellers Tales) loved my animations it was mainly based on my artistic ability in both cartoon sketching as well as detailed life drawing.
The competition in animation is really tough though and If you want to go into animation you really have to fight for your place; not only at University but also when job hunting.
My interviewer gave me some great tips for animation!
If you want to go into animation not only must you show examples of your actual moving films e.g. your barry snail episodes, you must also show random detailed sketches as well as life drawing - motion of the human figure.
Hope I helped.

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Nov 12th 2010

Oh and happy belated Birthday!! :D

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 12th 2010

Thanks very much for the advice :) I did art a-level and took classes for a while but if I come to applying for animation unis then I will work on a few other works of art as well.

I'm sure you will get in Vincent, from everything I've seen from you you've been so fantastic! You know, when I first joined this forum I looked on the creations part and your 1st green roots was the first on the list! I remember thinking to myself 'this is so fantastic! They will definitely win, I stand no chance!!!' I still find it funny that your video was the first piece of claymation (other than w&g) that I've seen!

The birthday was good, should be getting some driving lessons some time :D

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 12th 2010

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Nov 13th 2010

Thanks for the optimism! Got my first interview in a month and a few other in the new year!
Good luck choosing your course! I think if you applied for animation they will be very impressed with all your animation tests! So, how is Barry the Snail ep1 coming along?
I noticed on the screenshot above, the SMP project name is Barrylove. Mmm, I've got my detective hat on! :D How much have you done so far and when do you hope to finish it!?

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 13th 2010

Looks great! :D

What camera do you use?

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 14th 2010

Haha! Well spotted! There isn't a title yet but that is a big hint ay! So far I've done 30 seconds (10 hours work) and there is still quite a way to go! I don't know exactly when I'm going to finish but I hope within the next 2 months.

On Friday all of my friends came round for my bday party (movie night) and after pizza and film I showed them what I'd done so far on the film. I dont really see animation as very sociable, like, I don't discus it with them. I tend to just talk on here! It was really nice because we went to my room to see my set and how I do it and I think they realise more why it takes so long! Because there was 11 of us in one room my sky backboard fell down (someone leaning) and they caught it quite fast but it squashed one of the characters (not barry) eyes!

I'm pleased they like what I've done so far and I hope you guys like it when it's done!

I use a v big old Sony handycam. Once I've saved up enough I will buy a hd camera.

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 19th 2010

Hey, guys, I was just wondering what HD cameras you use? I need to invest in a good HD camera soon that is good for animation and would appreciate any advice :)



iantimothy Posted: Nov 19th 2010

I can't use it for stop motion because I would need a more powerful computer (I use a laptop), but for other things I use a Canon HD camcorder, it's small, but it is a good camera and I would highly recommend it, here is a link

PoisonIvy Posted: Nov 20th 2010

Yay! Barry the Snail is awesome!

As for the vet/animator problem... I guess... I guess I have no idea, I'm afraid. I myself don't have a blinking clue what I'm going to do... I never really think about it :P .

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 20th 2010

I use the Panasonic SD-10, Its a great little camera and is the smallest HD one in the world last time I checked. The only thing is, is that you would need an adapter which is normally under £10 - ( ) Here is the cheapest price for the camera I could find:

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 20th 2010

Hey, you mentioned computer performance ian, my computer I use is a rather old and slow one but my current camera works fine on it. Purple&Brown do you have a powerful computer to support the HD camera you use. Id not thought of my computer as much of a setback.

Before I upgrade camera I am upgrading stopmotion pro jr to stopmotion pro studio HD 7

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 20th 2010

Its a Dell Laptop. And it has a Pentium Dual-Core CPU Processor idf that means anything.

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 20th 2010


Chocachoc Posted: Nov 20th 2010

Was it quite expensive so it's advaned? Or is it a normal laptop?

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 21st 2010

I think it was a Dell Studio Laptop, not sure which one though, sorry.

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 21st 2010

Ok, thanks :D

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 22nd 2010

Just found out: Barry will be showcased on the CBBC MyToons site from 29th November! :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 23rd 2010

wOoP WoOp!

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 23rd 2010

Great stuff Chocachoc! make sure you post the link to it on here!

Purple&Brown Posted: Nov 23rd 2010

Wow, I'm really jealous! |-)

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 23rd 2010

Will do Ellie :D

chicken lickin Posted: Nov 23rd 2010

Wow, sounds as cool as a cucumber lol

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 29th 2010

bravo! 5 stars :D

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 29th 2010

Hehe, thanks Katie! I am so so pleased the BBC have taken an interest in Barry! I was quite surprised they wanted it as it doesn't have a fantastic storyline, but the money they pay me will go back into animation so I can further upgrade and improve :)

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Nov 29th 2010

WOW! Thats fantastic! :D:O
Well Done!

claymotion247 Posted: Nov 29th 2010


Chocachoc Posted: Nov 29th 2010

Thankyou :D

I've created a website for my animations, here is the link:

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