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tiptopgolfy Posted: Oct 22nd 2010

Can anybody help i am a complete newbie to model making and i need some help can you tell me:

How do I make an armature?
What do i then cover this armature with Ie. plastercine,foam?
i am a complete newbie so could you give me a crash course

jordan Posted: Oct 23rd 2010

hi if your just starting out me and everybody else woudl recommened this book Cracking Animation (the new version has only been out for a week) its got tips and lots of helpfull info on creating animations.

tiptopgolfy Posted: Oct 23rd 2010

I just bought the old version of cracking animation :-(

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 23rd 2010

That doesnt matter TipTopgolfy- every version is GREAT!
It is just the newer version has a bit mroe information- the one you have will still be excellent and a great source of help!

tiptopgolfy Posted: Oct 24th 2010

the problem is. Is that some people on this forum say that for begginners you should make aluminium wire armatures but cracking animation uses k and s tubing. But then what do you cover the k and tubing with plain plastercine!!. It says foam and latex but i have no idea what it is or how to use it.
Confused? I know I am

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 25th 2010

Those are great tutorials!!

tiptopgolfy Posted: Oct 25th 2010

Thanks! does anybody know if there are somethings i wont be needing from that tutorial as i am trying to do this on the cheap

tiptopgolfy Posted: Oct 26th 2010

Do you think this method i am thinking of using will work.

1. make a sketch of how my character will look life size
2. line wire up with the limbs of my drawing
3. seal wire with epoxy putty
4. add foam to armature
5. cut foam to make look neater
6. smother foam in liquid latex
7. paint
8. admire your masterpiece

tiptopgolfy Posted: Oct 26th 2010

oh and hands,shoes and head will be made out of plasticine

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