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crackingtoast Posted: Oct 29th 2010

Well, here's another game. I'm not copying the Fan Below Me, this kind of game is on loads of different forums, so I thought i'll bring it on here. So basically, you comment on what you like about the person above you. EG:

CT: So, let's start it off...
Clay Fighter: I like you breed human/rabbit hybrids in you're back garden.
Concon: I like how you are secretly a ninja
GLB: I like the fact that you are working for MI5

Obviously I made those up. In the actual game, be serious :D So let's go...

Clay Fighter Posted: Oct 30th 2010

well, It seems alot like a reverse of TFBM, And on all the forums I have been on I havent seen this game...But, I will trust it is on other forums.

I like how you make good youtube videos.

Ben5463 Posted: Oct 30th 2010

Your Cool!

Gromits little bro Posted: Oct 30th 2010

It's different though to be fair to CT. I like it ;)
I like your beautiful drawings

crackingtoast Posted: Oct 30th 2010

CF, I did say I didn't create it and it's on the Gallifrey Base and DWO forum, just to clarify :). And anyway, you didn't create the fan below me. That's on alot of different forums aswell without you're involvement so you can't really accuse me of plagarism (I didn't create this anyway) or whatever, can you now? :D

Gromits little bro Posted: Oct 30th 2010

I like the way CT and CF will forever argue and will still make up and be friends :)

wghtmf Posted: Oct 31st 2010

XD I like GLB because of his avatar!

crackingtoast Posted: Oct 31st 2010

Hehe GLB. I'll admit that's true.

I like that wghtmf likes the Fez from Doctor Who

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 1st 2010

Excuse me CT?
I soley thought up of TFBM!
It came to me when I was at the park actually, how could you accuse me of Plagarism? and for One I DID NOT accuse you of Plagarism!
I havent seen anythign like TFBM on any forum, Think before you post thankyou.

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 1st 2010

Blumming heck CF! Calm down! People created it before you, you may have made it up yourself but loads of people have made it up before you without you're knowing. It's just something loads of people do. It's quite a easy thing to come up with. There's all sorts of chain threads, TFBM included, that follow the pattern of predicitng/ commenting on the person before/ after you. That doesn't mean they are all carbon copies of TFBM. No more lashing out, alright? Keep in mind you were the one who told me to come back, and you start doing this again. Don't you think it's getting childish?

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 1st 2010

Okay, okay... Please calm down both of you. This argument should end NOW. If you have anything to add CT or CF, just bite your tongues.

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 1st 2010

There's no point GLB (No offence) It never works for anybody...

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 1st 2010

None taken.

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 2nd 2010

Hey GLB, thanks for trying, but let me type.
CT, you justlashed out at me, Hypocrtitical.
I have no idea of such threads and I'm just going to ignore your toher comments, because half of them were childish, the way you accuse dme of being childish, yet again hypocritical.
But you have a point, Nothing is original anymore these days, so lots of people have more than likely thought of it before. So you are write in that aspect.But, a question. Why do you always ask ME to calm down and dont acknoweledge that I am rather calm when typing ;)
it is probably just one of those miss interpretated things that occur when typing, not talking, would you say? ;)

crackingtoast Posted: Nov 2nd 2010

CF. I am officially disgusting. 'Let me type'? you're making it blindingly obvious you just want to put you little bit in to get the last word and turn it round. You are wrong, alright? Accept it. You're behaviour and manners are appalling. Seriously. I'm leaving and when you come pleading me to come back on my youtube page, i'll ignore you because I simply don't want anything to do with you. Alright? This is not a personal attack before you do an essay post on how you're right and i'm wrong, as you tend to do.

P.S. You like using the word Hypocrite.

wallace05man Posted: Nov 2nd 2010

i like that CT likes good music and have a great youtube channel

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

Ct, I wanted to have MY last say, not the entirely last say, Because frankly all good debates Have an official ending, and this is mine.
You are the most obnoxious person I have ever met, Okay, I'm wrong, This is not a copy of TFBM.
I am sorry, i dont want to fight. Friends?
P.S. I didnt plead, I asked.

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

*Groans* Can we just drop the argument?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

C'mon guys, you've been doing so well for the past month, no more arguments eh?

timmythesheep848 Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

I like her Stamp Avatar

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

I like Amy Pond's weird movements

ajmole Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

How come whenever arguments happen and I say something, MY comment gets deleted???? It happens every time! I bet this one will be too. : (

Can't think of anything except you are a great friend and have a great avatar!

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 4th 2010

Katie CT has'nt been on the Forum for the past month :-|
That was quite ofeending to CrackingToast, Katie.

Never the less it has been sorted out.
I like how Ajmole loves pokemon like me ;)

Gromits little bro Posted: Nov 4th 2010

a) How is that offending?
b)let's just leave it and move on
c) I like your avatar

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 5th 2010

A) Cracking Toast found it offensive
B) I agree
C) I like all your models :D

ajmole Posted: Nov 5th 2010

I like how you like Clay Fighter (the game, never played it, but a nice and old game : D).

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