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666joshy666 Posted: Oct 31st 2010


For those who don't know or remember me, I was a modelmaker back in the day. The hobby slowly slipped away and started to slow. Then it came to a halt and I totally stopped making models. I want to start again but what should I make? No limits here! Here is one of my last models:

womble1 Posted: Oct 31st 2010

Not sure wahat you should make
Maybe experiment :)

Chocachoc Posted: Oct 31st 2010

Nice to see you again joshy! I think you should definitely continue, as it is such a lovely creative hobby to do!

Purple&Brown Posted: Oct 31st 2010

Lady T?

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 1st 2010

Queen Elizabeth the first!
The dresses might be a challenge! :D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 2nd 2010

Good to see you 666joshy666!

How about trying the W&G competition to make a wacky invention? It's a bit like model making, but would get your imagination in gear for when you're ready to go back to plasticine?

iantimothy Posted: Nov 2nd 2010

Katie, is that your first avatar change in 3 three years?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

I think you might be right! Maybe I'll go back to gromit once Christmas is over ;)

Nathan M Posted: Nov 4th 2010

lol katie :D

666joshy666 Posted: Nov 6th 2010

Yeah looks good, Katie! Thanks for the advice! Can my invention be made straight out of clay? If it can then can I animate it?

wallace05man Posted: Nov 6th 2010

yeah on the compotition can you make an invention out of clay?

jesusfreak247 Posted: Nov 6th 2010

guys i really think that u can do what ever you want with yur invention, its just maybe it wont win. but please... not on THIS forum. start a new one if you have to. 666joshy666, i think it would be cool if you made the farmer from shaun the sheep.

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 6th 2010

@jesusfreak247, the invention is an idea for joshy, so I think it is fine being on this forum. Not everything has to be talking about EXACTLY what the topic is.

I'd be interested to know if you could make inventions as clay animations too :D

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