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skalouis Posted: Oct 31st 2010

write down below what your fave bttf flim and why.
my fave bttf film is part 2 because of the hover board chase |-)

the mag Posted: Oct 31st 2010

i like the first one. i like when biff crashes in to the dung!

skalouis Posted: Oct 31st 2010

hi Indiana jones guy

the mag Posted: Oct 31st 2010

hi back to the future guy

the mag Posted: Oct 31st 2010

i am board.

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 1st 2010

Well, first off BTTF Is way better than Indiana Jones!
Also- I love 2 because Of the flying delorean! Also the hover board which proves usefull later on.
I am pretty sure I'm the biggest fan of Back To The Future!
Skalouis do you have any BTTF merchandise? I do!
Also- did you know that telltale are making a 5 chapter video game? It had Christopher Lloyd doing Doc but unfotunately Michael J. Fox cant do the voice of Marty because he is doing another movier, but there is a really talented impressionist doing it!!

the mag Posted: Nov 1st 2010

i think indiana jones is better then back to the future!

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 2nd 2010

I definately disagree!

the mag Posted: Nov 2nd 2010

i still think indiana jones is better!

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

that is your Personal opinion.
But BTTF is better.

the mag Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

then starsky and hutch is better then BTTF.

iantimothy Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

i don't know CF, I think Indiana Jones is better, it is a little more timeless.

the mag Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

thanks iantimothy!

ajmole Posted: Nov 3rd 2010

I haven't seen any of those, but I'll go with BTTF because my brother likes it.

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 4th 2010

Well Ian, it all depends on how much you read into it, or if you just let half the stuff go over your head ;)

Grumblefish Posted: Nov 4th 2010

My favorite was 3

Here is something I know is going to make you all scream. They will soon remaking BTTF 1 with Michael J. Fox in the Doc Brown role. If that isn't bad enough it's being made by the same people who made Year One ...ish!!!!

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 5th 2010

Grumblefish- I like 3.

Poor, poor Grumblefish, you have fallen gullable to an internet rumour, that was spread a few years ago. There is no plans to re-make the original, the closest thing to a remake coming out is The Video Game series, which has Christopher Lloyd (Doc brown in the movies) doing the voice of Doc Brown.
So every, dont scream, it was just a lie. ;)

Grumblefish Posted: Nov 5th 2010

This is no Internet Rumour, I saw this on my local news, when they showed a clip of Micheal J. Fox actually saying this.

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 6th 2010

no they didnt Grumblefish.
If there was some clip or video of Micheal J. Fox was he actually saying that he is playing Doc Brown?
No, he didnt. Because it isnt real.
If it is true, Show me the video!

skalouis Posted: Feb 22nd 2011

even know i am like bttf i also think that indiana jones is a great flim and can't wait for 5th flim coming out next year

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