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the mag Posted: Oct 31st 2010

my favorite movie is indiana jones and the last crusade.

the mag Posted: Oct 31st 2010

oh no! i messed up my title!

iantimothy Posted: Oct 31st 2010

Walt Disney's Pinnochio.

wallace05man Posted: Oct 31st 2010

i have a few:
Wallace & Gromit - A Matter Of Loaf And Death
Nightmare Before Christmas
Sweeney Todd
Chicken Run
Indiana Jones & The Lost Ark
Indiana Jones Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
The Who - Tommy
Flushed Away

the mag Posted: Oct 31st 2010


NeilK Posted: Oct 31st 2010

WALL-E, with Avatar a close second. :D

JynxTitan Posted: Nov 1st 2010

Wall-E, Avatar, Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death, Coraline and Corpse Bride :)

the mag Posted: Nov 1st 2010

thanks for posting

wallace05man Posted: Nov 1st 2010

i love all Tim Burtons movies (Corpes Bride, Big Fish, Sweeney Todd)

ajmole Posted: Nov 1st 2010

I love My Neighbor Totoro, How to Train Your Dragon, Up, all Toy Story and most Pixar! I also like Ponyo.

Grumblefish Posted: Nov 4th 2010

I have a couple of them

Wall-E, The Point and Pinocchio in Outer Space

NeilK Posted: Nov 5th 2010

@JynxTitan Great choices, I love all them films too! :D

Great to see so many love WALL-E, hehe ;)

LadyTottington1 Posted: Nov 6th 2010


Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 6th 2010

Back to the future Trilogy is my Favourite, but there are other favourites :D

kldceltic Posted: Nov 6th 2010

wall.e,w@g,muppets,stuart little 1+2, harry potter,et,twilight,avatar,walk the line,lion king more if i think:D

kathyvseen Posted: Nov 20th 2010

Animated are always my favoriet genre.. Toy story 3 and Shrek Forever are my favorite movies..:D

kldceltic Posted: Nov 20th 2010

more from me ah dirty dancing man i love ths film,jack frost,the grinch

kathyvseen Posted: Nov 30th 2010

Burlesque is my favorite movie..

Havenese Posted: Jan 26th 2011

How to train your dragon. And the Aristocats. (Disney) |-)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jan 26th 2011

Fantastic mr. Fox

His ears were cold. He's not with us. :D

hutch a holic Posted: Jan 26th 2011

Princess mononoke spirited away howl's moveing castle ponyo my neighbor totoro whisper of the heart pearl harbor nausicaa of valley of wind, just to name a few.

Sniggles Posted: Jan 26th 2011

King's Speech, Fantastic Mr. Fox, all Wallace and Gromit,Julie and Julia, Babar (is that how you spell it? haven' t seen it in a while)...... and so forth

cheesehead302 Posted: Mar 2nd 2011

shreck movies toy story movies walle all w and gs

rozlinda Posted: Mar 5th 2011

mine :-
1. how to train your dragon ..
2. the princess diaries ..
3. up ...
4. harry potter ( all of them )
5. the mummy .. !!

edmond Posted: Mar 12th 2011

I like avatar it probably my favourite|-)

claymation Posted: Mar 17th 2011

Second Hand Lions, Raiders of the Lost Ark, UP... hmm... sooo many choices!

the mag Posted: Apr 22nd 2011

i know lol

johnny_4eyes Posted: Apr 25th 2011

mine is AVATAR!!!

Calls Posted: Jun 23rd 2011

1. Chicken run
2. Fantastic mr. Fox
3. Wallace and Gromit curse of the were rabbit
4. Flushed away

sprinklz Posted: Jun 23rd 2011

Love and Other Drugs
and The Prince Of Persia xD

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