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boo315 Posted: Nov 14th 2010

This is the tread where I will tell everyone about my new animations coming in 2011

1.Cats in the City - Adventures with 2 stray cats:Iggy & Pandora.
Type:Show.Est Completion:Winter 2011

2.Doctor who Figure Adventures:Figure adventures with The Doctor and Amy.
Type:Show.Est Completion:Summer 2011

3.Under The Bed:Adventures of Jic,Sil and Kaleb the monsters!
Type:Show.Est Compleation:Early 2012

I know alot coming up a long time to wait but there only when the series are complete,as for Under The Bed and Cats in the City once an episode is made it's uploaded on youtube.;).If there is any more announced it will be anounced here


Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 15th 2010

No offence but this seems like a copy of other animation ideas.
Cats in the city- Crackingtoast had the same idea, but different names

Under The Bed: I had basically the same idea but they live in a closet next to the bed, which I am actually using.

boo315 Posted: Nov 17th 2010

Thats it I'm going to stop coming online,every time I do something somebody critisizes it.I didnt know you were making them.Aardman can you lock this tread.

315 signing off (ok I admit I might come back on at least one more time).

Clay Fighter Posted: Nov 18th 2010

Well then stay. I just wanted you too know. But please, I would be interested in seeing the animations because its not like I or Ct have copyright on them :D

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