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shaun the lamb Posted: Dec 4th 2010

Hello all, I know it's been a while since I said Food World would be published.
The sad truth is when I looked at it one last time it was terrible.
I couldn't dare show my face on this forum again if I uploaded it.
So I'm starting again, with a new plot and storyline.
I'm glad to say it's 80% done, however I will not set an upload date.


Clay Fighter Posted: Dec 6th 2010

Woop woop!
I have been waiting for an update, since i havent been able to contact you via MSN.
How are things STL?
I guess its a good thing that you decided it needed a revamp, atleast you didnt complete it fully and then decide, I hope all goes well, and if you need any help just contact me ;)
Great to hear from you,

shaun the lamb Posted: Dec 7th 2010

Sorry I wasn't on MSN.
I had to reformat my laptop, and I can't install MSN on it for some reason, however I have a new desktop and plan to get MSN soon.

Clay Fighter Posted: Dec 8th 2010

cool, I'll wait until the day you sign on so we can talk about FW etc.
I also emailed you...not sure if you got it

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