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jordan Posted: Dec 6th 2010

6th December

Happy Birthday Nick Park! Hope you have a great day

shogg Posted: Dec 6th 2010

Yeh,Happy Birthday:)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Dec 6th 2010

Happy Birth Day - Frosty

Fish Posted: Dec 6th 2010

Happy Birthday Nick!|-)

Ursrut Posted: Dec 7th 2010

Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had a fantastic day.

Clay Fighter Posted: Dec 7th 2010

Happy birthday you genius!

MarkusL Posted: Dec 7th 2010

Happy Birthday :)

Jennzii Posted: Dec 7th 2010

Happy Birthday. Keep up the awesome work

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Dec 7th 2010

A belated happy birthday to the Almighty Nick Park, who shares his name with his nameday - Saint Nicholas Day!

I hope you had a lovely day. Love you to bits!

(Sockeye Salmon)

Fish Posted: Dec 7th 2010

Miss you, Sockeye!:'(

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Dec 15th 2010

I've been unwell again, Fish, old pal. :'(:'(:'(

How are you doing?

cavor Posted: Dec 16th 2010

Sorry Nick a belated happy birthday from me as well from the man with the life-size 'Wrong Trouser' Oh and I hope you have a smashing Christmas to, thought I get that one in early:D

Hi Sockeye, Hi Fish how's the water

Fish Posted: Dec 16th 2010

Hi SockEye! I'm so sorry to hear you have been sick! :-( I miss you so much when you are not here. I'm praying for you.

I'm doing OK - and Ralphie-the-Wonder-Dog is SO much better. He will always have a bit of a limp, but he is back to enjoying his walks.

Cavor! Long time no read you!:) The water's fine - jump in if you like.

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Dec 19th 2010

Fish, old pal, your prayers have helped and are helping me greatly. From the bottom of my heart - thank you!

I had a bad relapse and am just coming out of it. I think it was because I ignored my own advice about slowing down...

I'm delighted that Ralphie the Wonder Dog is SOOOOOOO much better. Thanks be to God that he enjoys his walks in spite of his paw and that you have your friend by your side. Nutmeg Blue is enjoying the snow... and the fire when she gets home and she sends lots of licks, belly rubs and cyber biccies to you both!

Take a look at my post on Nick Park being a guest on Desert Island Discs. I'm still in shock!

BlooChicken Posted: Dec 22nd 2010

Happy Birthday Nick!

Fish Posted: Dec 27th 2010

SockEye!|-) Ralphie and I send cyber Christmas greetings to you and Nutmeg Blue! I'm chuffed to mintballs you are feeling better!

Please take good care of yourself and get completely well! We need you here at W&G! There is only one SockEye Salmon!

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