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asrts Posted: Dec 10th 2010

Spiral is a short stop motion film i am working on it's about a boy who wakes up to the sound of screams he see what is it he saw some think but he dose not know what but the a police comes in and see the dead bodys and thinks he killed them all, will he find some why to show he did knot kill them.
Find out.
Episode one should be done in 3 to 4 weeks hope you will like it.

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 13th 2010

That sounds a little violent- It might not be suitable to be put on the Creations page, but please upload it anyway and I'll have a look :)

the mag Posted: Dec 13th 2010

it looks cool! were can i watch it?

claymotion247 Posted: Dec 14th 2010

is it an action or horror theme

asrts Posted: Dec 21st 2010

the 1st episode is a test because it's my 1st stop motion so episode 2 will be better,
and it's a action,horror,love type of a sires. and where can you watch is you can see it at

hope you like it.

asrts Posted: Dec 21st 2010

season 1 episode 1 of spiral is now done this is just a test but its still the 1st episode byt episode 2 will be bette, you can see it at:

and you can follow my blog at:

hope you like it

asrts Posted: Jan 10th 2011

spiral mini episode
after episode 2 there will be a mini episode to fill in the gap from episode 2 to 3 because the episode called she is back will be come a mini episode wht you might ask because that episode is not that important to the season and she said yeas and what am i really is now one episode.

so now season 1 episode list is

episode 1: the cursed child
episode 2 :the girl in my dreams
mini episode: she is back
episode 3: what am i really ?
so there you have it the final list of season 1

+ spiral episode 2 is all most done only a bit to go


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