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jordan Posted: Dec 17th 2010

why do some of these entries? get through? , i dont mean to be rude but, im sure some of these entries dont get moderated as they used too be?, i thought the moderation of the creations arrived to sort the decent entries from random entries, seem to let copied pictures off google and random things into the competition these days. ,videos with just pictures off google with random music,even the wallace & gromit creator pics off the royal mail w&g site are getting through and other random things, i dont think its fair on others who create animations or models or drawings.

Purple&Brown Posted: Dec 17th 2010

True, very true

claymotion247 Posted: Dec 17th 2010

i agree

kldceltic Posted: Dec 18th 2010

i don,t agree jordan thats just mean:-(

claymotion247 Posted: Dec 19th 2010

no! its not mean kidceltic! its extremely true

Ben5463 Posted: Dec 19th 2010

Sorry But I Don't Aggree, People Spend Time On The W&G Make Yourself Program But I Do Aggree On The Bit About Copying Pictures Of Google Images Or Bing Or Any Other Browsers!

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 20th 2010

We love to see everything that people have made! We're so proud that people are inspired to make things based on Aardman characters!
If we notice that they are obviously not suitable to be entered into the competition then we don't let them go up (sometimes we miss some unfortunately!), and ones that took less work or thought are of course less likely to win.

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