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-Wensleydale- Posted: Dec 22nd 2010

This is a thread where you can post pics and details of your most prized and valued Wallace and Gromit collectables. This could be either the Coalport Characters range, The Robert Harrop collectables or the Vivid Imaginations and Wesco collectables. If you have any other items that aren't in these catagories and are valueable, please share.

jordan Posted: Dec 24th 2010

theres loads of w&g collectables/merchandise threads allready with pics of peoples collections

-Wensleydale- Posted: Dec 24th 2010

You could say that. However theres none decidated to the real, limited and valueable collectables. Just show us your Coalport collection or one of your Harrop peices specifically. Theres nothing more boring than reading about EVERY single peice of Wallace and Gromit merchandise someone has. So I've made this in hope that people will see the REAL collectors items.

-Wensleydale- Posted: Dec 26th 2010

MMMMMMMMM..... Whats the most recent collection thread. I can predict that no one will post on this one so I might as well join another thread and do what im attempting to do here.

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