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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Dec 23rd 2010

It wouldn't be Christmas without some classic Aardman productions on the TV! Here's what you can expect this year...


Wallace and Gromit
Friday 24th - The Wrong Trousers, 5.25pm, UK Gold
Friday 24th - A Close Shave, 6.05pm, UK Gold
Christmas Day - A Grand Day Out, 9.30am, UK Gold
Christmas Day - The Wrong Trousers, 10.05am, UK Gold
Christmas Day - A Close Shave, 10.40am, UK Gold

Tuesday 28th A Grand Day Out 1.15pm, BBC One
Wednesday 29th A Close Shave 1.05pm, BBC One
Thursday 30th The Wrong Trousers 1.40pm, BBC One
Monday 3rd January A Matter of Loaf and Death 6:30pm, BBC One

Flushed Away
Wednesday 29th December 2.50pm BBC1

Chicken Run
Tuesday 28th December 3.10pm BBC1

Shaun the Sheep
Episodes from Series 2 will be playing every morning over the Christmas period at 8.20am on BBC2. On Christmas day ‘We wish Ewe a Merry Christmas’ will be on at 9.55am BBC1, with ‘Snowed In’ on at 8.20am on BBC2

Timmy Time
Episodes will be showing daily at 6.10am on BBC2 from 28th Dec, as well as daily on Cbeebies at 8.10am

Have a cracking Christmas everyone!

Gromit lad Posted: Dec 23rd 2010

Thanks Katie! Have a "cracking" Holiday too.
Time to crack out the VHS's, Dvd's, and some popcorn. Winter break is a time to lock your door and fall asleep and watch movies.

Merry Christmas W&!

lad :)

kldceltic Posted: Dec 23rd 2010

merry christmas katie:D

Aardeej Posted: Dec 24th 2010

Thanks for the info - Merry Christmas!

jordan Posted: Dec 24th 2010

thanks Katie, Merry Christmas

Theodorable Posted: Dec 24th 2010

thanks, Merry Christmas!:D

gravalace Posted: Dec 27th 2010

wery chrystmas gromit

dogman Posted: Dec 29th 2010

happy new year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dogman Posted: Dec 29th 2010

emily3 Posted: Jan 1st 2011

:pre:)st:-(on3:::Owallace4:::-|monkey::DHope eve:;)wicked:ry:walla0:)ce1:one had a reat christmas!! the films were GREat!!:beaming:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!:wallace3:

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