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gef16 Posted: Dec 30th 2010

Hello everyone! I think that we should all create a film together as a society as fan of aardman and animation. I think it should be a combonation of characters from the films and the animators like Nick Park, Peter Lord and David Spraxton. It could be a credit to all the hard work they have done! We could become Aardman 2 and instead of making single films by ourself we should come together and make one seperatley and then if you email them to me i will put them together on my computer. If we do do this we need to do one part each so if you like the idea than post a reply on the froum and I can then issue out the roles. If you want to make paticular character or person than that is ok by me. I will post my email addres only when I have enough replies. So think about it this way. I am the director and animator and you are the producers and animators.

Remember that I will have 24 pictures a second and it will be single frame or if you are really good at doubles that you can do them if you wish.

It needs to be about 2mins long atleast so each animation needs to ne about 5 secs long but the longer the better!!

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