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jordan Posted: Jan 1st 2011

they will be RARE really soon, wont they not that im selling mine, lol should have stocked up on them lol

Aardeej Posted: Jan 1st 2011

I sent off for the whole set ( the one presented with Shaun the Sheep playing the violin)
but still saved any stamps that appeared on any post sent to our house.

I'd like to see a Shaun the Sheep set or history of Aardman. (Chicken Run, Morph ect)

emily3 Posted: Jan 1st 2011

haha ive saved one of the most common ones!:D isnt it cos there 30 this year??xx

Fish Posted: Jan 1st 2011

Wow...there isn't a spot to click on in that big red strip. :O Are we no longer allowed to bypass the new member precaution?

gef16 Posted: Jan 1st 2011

It sucks doesnt it Fish. I cant see any of my messages. Is that because I am a new member or what

ajmole Posted: Jan 1st 2011

Fish: Now on weekends, we aren't allowed to see moderated posts. It's because Aardman believes we need protection from Dark Wooper in case he comes back (not saying it's a bad idea). We can see them on Monday. : )

Clay Fighter Posted: Jan 2nd 2011

is ti just because of dark wooper, or is it just a general spamming thing?

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 2nd 2011

Who is this Dark Wooper figure? Sounds like some sort of Pokemon move?

ajmole Posted: Jan 2nd 2011

Dark Wooper is an evil swearing spamming guy. And I'm not sure Clay Fighter, but I know he is part of the reason. Now back onto the topic of the stamps.

Aardeej Posted: Jan 2nd 2011

I read that in America there's going to be a series of Pixar stamps out early this year. I hope Royal Mail do the same here.

Fish Posted: Jan 2nd 2011

Thanks for the info, ajmole. We've had more than one evil swearing spamming guy - particularly on the weekends when there aren't moderators around.

I bet you can buy the Pixar stamps when they come out. I was able to buy the royal mail W&G stamps even though I live in the states.

Aardeej Posted: Jan 3rd 2011

Thanks fish
I'll keep checking e-bay ;)
I think that's a way I'll get hold of a set.

Aardeej Posted: Jan 11th 2011

Did anyone catch the story on BBC Breakfast this morning reporting that Royal Mail are releasing a set of Gerry Anderson stamps? This will include.....

Thunderbirds, Stingray, Joe 90, Captain Scarlet, and Fireball XL5.

jordan Posted: Jan 11th 2011

yeh i got a leaflet through the post from royal mail about those the other week i dont collect stamps, i just bought the w&g ones cause there cool :) but the Gerry Anderson ones look cool too, i have a signed Gerry Anderson boxset of VHS whole series of Stingray "To Jordan" Gerry Anderson

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jan 14th 2011


Clay Fighter Posted: Jan 14th 2011

Nam Man stop spamming!

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