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abra Posted: Jan 12th 2011

What hidden images of Wallace and Gromit did you guys see in Flushed Away?? There are quite a few to remember.

Aardeej Posted: Jan 12th 2011

I've seen a picture of Wendolene, and a Gromit pencil top. You can't miss that one!
Plus Roddy has a Wallace outfit.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 12th 2011

Wow, I haven't watched Flushed Away for a while, so I can't remember! Anyone got any good screenshots? :D

666joshy666 Posted: Jan 12th 2011

I'll have a look into my 'archive' for you Katie :D

Aardeej Posted: Jan 12th 2011

It's not just Wallace and Gromit that are hiding - there are also some Creature Comfort images to look out for. ;)

abra Posted: Jan 12th 2011

I saw a COTWR DVD and other Dreamworks Animation films when Roddy was looking through the DVD collection. Plus, I saw a Gromit toy.

Aardeej Posted: Jan 13th 2011

abra - that scene with the DVD's was clever - and there is also a stuffed toy of Dragon from the Shrek films. (in Roddy's owners room)

Ursrut Posted: Jan 13th 2011

And when roddy is looking through what clothes he could wear- he picks out a jumper just like Wallaces

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 13th 2011

The bunnies from COTWR

Ursrut Posted: Jan 13th 2011

Yeah- I believe they were in slipper form? or was that my imagination.

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 13th 2011

erm, umm,,, idk

jesusfreak247 Posted: Jan 14th 2011

yeah, there was a stuffed bunny, gromit, and dragon plus alex the lion from madagascar.

nam man06 Posted: Jan 14th 2011

< Link removed by EllieM as it was off-topic spam >

MotionMe Posted: Jan 14th 2011

shrek stuffed animal in the kids room

abra Posted: Jan 14th 2011

there was also one when Rita was with Roddy under the ship and she pulled out a Gromit thing. :? :O

the mag Posted: Jan 27th 2011


Calls Posted: Jul 11th 2011

Well this isn't a Wallace and Gromit item that I saw but when roddy was looking through his collection of DVDs I saw that there was a chicken run DVD!;)

wallace05man Posted: Jul 14th 2011

here's a picture of the bit with wallace's clothes

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