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abra Posted: Jan 14th 2011

We know in the second episode of "Wallace and Gromits World of Invention" that Gromit landed in a parachute at the end of the show, burnt and bruised. But what happened to the rocket after it exploded??

wallace05man Posted: Feb 14th 2011

only Aardman can answer that

Calls Posted: Apr 25th 2011

I have Know Idea!

evastar7 Posted: Aug 27th 2011

not sure sorry !

Emogirldanni Posted: Oct 5th 2011

umm good question

evastar7 Posted: Feb 19th 2012

maybe he sold it i dunno

Bitzer123 Posted: Sep 3rd 2012

Maybe it crashed on the moon?

Bitzer123 Posted: Sep 3rd 2012

Who knows?

ARAVIND SURESH Posted: Nov 2nd 2012

only aardman knows

tre01 Posted: Nov 2nd 2012

It was shunk down using one of Wallace's failed machines that didn't make it into the cracking contraptions series due to the consequences of it failing. The machine worked that one time and Gromit keeps it in his bedroom now. lol!
Okay, maybe not, but Gromit DOES have a small scale model of it on a shelf.

abhijith Posted: Nov 21st 2012

May it landed safely or crashed somewhere but the both guys will be able to escape

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