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Havenese Posted: Jan 26th 2011

I like oklahoma, state fair,seven brides for
Seven brothers, and.... Phantom Of The Opera. :)
What's yours?:)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jan 26th 2011

i like oklahoma seven brides for seven brothers and sound of music the list goes on and on and on

Clay Fighter Posted: Jan 27th 2011

I havent seen it yet, but I am seeing Wicked later this year!!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jan 28th 2011


wallace05man Posted: Mar 4th 2011

Little Shop Of Horrors, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sweeney Todd, Oliver Twist,

cavor Posted: Mar 4th 2011

We had a similar post to this some time back.........I think Phantom Of The Opera is Wallaces favourite to

mmasonghi studios Posted: Mar 4th 2011

HA |-)

Havenese Posted: Mar 6th 2011

That's really cool, and I like WICKED the musical. :):D

edmond Posted: Mar 13th 2011

emm not sure ill say Oliver Twist :D

claymation Posted: Mar 17th 2011

Phantom of the Opera and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

claymation Posted: Mar 17th 2011

Duuuuuu... DUN DuN dUn dun duuuunnn... dun dUn DuN DUN DUUUNNN... Da da da daaa dun dun! Da da da DUNNNNNN!

claymation Posted: Mar 17th 2011

The Phaaaaaannntom of the Opera is there! Inside my mind!!!!

ajmole Posted: Apr 29th 2011

I know how to play teh song Phantom of the Opera for my alto. I really want to see Wicked, but I don't know if I can.

Grumblefish Posted: Jun 6th 2011

I am going old school with both 1776 and Bye Bye Birdie.

iantimothy Posted: Jun 6th 2011

My school did a production of 1776 this year, it was very good, SIT DOWN JOHN!

Ben5463 Posted: Jun 10th 2011

Oliver Twist The Musical And Also The Wizard Of Oz

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 14th 2011


iantimothy Posted: Jun 15th 2011

honestly I didn't like tangled, it looked way to dreamworksy for Disney.

Calls Posted: Jun 17th 2011

Mary poppins

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Jul 22nd 2011

Off the top of my head:

Singing In The Rain, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, anything with Danny Kaye in the leading role, The King and I...

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 25th 2011

It seems Phantom of the Opera is very popular...especially with Wallace! ;)

Oliver Twist is very good too, but I really want to see the Lion King!

evastar7 Posted: Aug 2nd 2011

cavor:LOL that a funny picture i have seen the Phantom of the Opera. :D

masha72981 Posted: Aug 3rd 2011

I like Oliver Twist and Wizard of Oz. Les Miserables is good too! :D

fluffles the poodle Posted: Aug 4th 2011

i saw blood brothers a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it,very tragic though

BlueSkyGazer Posted: Aug 7th 2011

Little Shop of Horrors, Wicked, Evita and Blood Brothers :D

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