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GamePadVader Posted: Jan 30th 2011

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I last came on here, but what qualifications do you need?

GamePadVader Posted: Jan 30th 2011

It's just that I need to pick my subject options for sixth form and I was gonna pick art, biology, physics and chemistry with my reserve being psychology. Would this do for becoming an animator?

Gromits little bro Posted: Jan 30th 2011

You don't need qualifications for animation, you need talent. If you have this, and you create a showreel when you apply for a job, that should speak volumes.

iantimothy Posted: Jan 30th 2011

A good animation or film school will probably help, but it's not like being a doctor, you don't have to go to 8 years of animation school to become an animator.

GamePadVader Posted: Jan 31st 2011

OK, thanks for the advice. ;)

Sniggles Posted: Jan 31st 2011

animation is not so hard to learn, but one very important qualification is patience.

cavor Posted: Feb 1st 2011

And another qualification is pure genius and luck......sorry that's two

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 1st 2011

Now where do you find luck?
If only.. If only...

mmasonghi studios Posted: Feb 1st 2011

patience my freind

cavor Posted: Feb 2nd 2011

You have to make your own luck Gromits little bro!!

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 2nd 2011

Ahaha as if! I'm as unlucky as Hurley :/
Maybe I should try though.. maybe..

cavor Posted: Feb 2nd 2011

I would try if I were you......just follow your dreams and your luck may change:D

Ursrut Posted: Feb 4th 2011

Try a good university and look at their entry requirements! I've had a quick look at one university that i know does animation and this is their entry requirement

"Students of all ages and all social backgrounds are recruited. Applicants demonstrating commitment to and knowledge of the subject on their application form are invited to a recruitment session, where they will be required to present a collection of their creative work. The emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity and applicants may wish to include samples from a range of disciplines. However, evidence of an interest in Film and Animation studies should be included, demonstrating work composed and framed for a screen or TV format such as evidence of storyboarding and sequencing of narrative. Also required are relevant sketchbooks, a variety of drawing approaches, design and samples of written work."

It has a minimum of 240 tarriff points. This changes from university to university though so you'd have to look at each one. This is of course if you take the university option ;)

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Feb 5th 2011

It's not about the grades or qualifications, its about talent and most importantly passion!

ditirroni Posted: Feb 11th 2011

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