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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 11th 2011

Tomorrow (February 12th) marks the birthday of our favourite animated canine, Gromit!

We've seen him fly to the moon in search of cheese, thwart an evil penguin's attempts to steal diamonds and save Wallace's life on a daily basis!

What are your favourite moments? Post yours below!


Purple&Brown Posted: Feb 11th 2011

Wonder if Wallace might make him another Wacky contraption for his birthday!

Nathan M Posted: Feb 11th 2011

Happy birthday gromit, Lad :)

Hope you have a good day :D

Hes changed so much!!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 11th 2011

Yeah, he's changed a lot since a Grand Day Out! Do you guys have a favourite Gromit moment? I think mine is in Curse of the Were-rabbit when he's fighting with Philip in a bi-plane :)

Gromits little bro Posted: Feb 11th 2011

Happy Birthday!!

wallace05man Posted: Feb 11th 2011

my favourite moment is in A Grand Day Out when he's drilling a hole and he spins round with the drill:D that;s always been the whole familys favourite bit happy birthday gromit

grace-o-meater Posted: Feb 11th 2011


By the way my fave one is the one with the evil penguin cool but scary!

chicken lickin Posted: Feb 11th 2011

i love gromit and i think hes great in all of the wallace and gromit films, happy birthday gromit, i hope you get all the presents you asked for!

101Gromit Posted: Feb 11th 2011

Happy Birthday Gromit!
Hope you get good presents (a.k.a bone)
Have a good one : ) ;)


cavor Posted: Feb 11th 2011

I think I'm going to agree with you Katie a super comic moment

abra Posted: Feb 11th 2011

Wonder what Wallace is going to give Gromit for his birthday??? :-|

BlooChicken Posted: Feb 11th 2011

Hope you have a supurb birthday tomorrow Gromit old pal. Have Wallace treat you someplace nice. Not another dog collar and leash. :) Happy Birthday Gromit!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Feb 12th 2011

happy b day mr. gromit

abra Posted: Feb 12th 2011

how old are you gromit??

Ursrut Posted: Feb 12th 2011

Yes, i love the moment in the bi- plan :) pure genius :)


sparkle0801 Posted: Feb 12th 2011

hope you have a smashing time

Gromit lad Posted: Feb 12th 2011

Funniest moments- Gromit goes dwonwallaces morning hatch were he gets dressed and gets hit with jam. Gromit in the meat-a-bix box, and gromit's expression when wallace goes for the cheese behind the book shelf, snapping his fingers in the mouse trap.
Saddest moments- Gromit in jail, locked in a cage, wallace dying on COTWR, but all over all gromits got the hardest parts in wallace and gromit.
But......HAPPY BIRTHDAY GROMIT! I think we all agree we know what type of cake he's having.

Happy birthday Gromit Lad! lad(But it's not my b-day lol)

altergromit Posted: Feb 12th 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GROMIT!!!!! I'm happy you had a great day!!!! I'm happy everytime Wallas understands what a great dog you are!!...

WandGFanGal Posted: Feb 12th 2011

Happy Birthday, Gromit! (: My favorite Gromit moment was when, in the "Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo" video game, was... Well, throughout the whole game and the series itself, I don't really have a particular favorite Gromit moment. I can't name one right off the top of my head, but I think everything he does are his best bits, a great dog all around. :D Again, happy birthday, Lad. <3

JynxTitan Posted: Feb 12th 2011

Happy Birthday Gromit! :D

altergromit Posted: Feb 12th 2011

..."Thank you JynxTitan!!" Gromit said... |-);)

brenna3t Posted: Feb 12th 2011

Happy Birthday Gromit!

Aardeej Posted: Feb 13th 2011

Many happy returns lad!

Clay Fighter Posted: Feb 13th 2011

He shares the same birthday as my Dad! :D

benreid Aardman Staff Posted: Feb 16th 2011

Purple&Brown Posted: Feb 17th 2011

benreid? Haven't seen that name before, nice to see you!

jestem michal Posted: Feb 17th 2011

Gromit you are cool!|-)

lukehayward 1 Posted: Feb 19th 2011

one of gromit's most cool moments is in cracking contraptions when he dresses up as a sheep.

Gromitfan12 Posted: Apr 19th 2011

i love ALL of 's moments!!! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY LAD!!

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