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chicken lickin Posted: Feb 17th 2011

In may half term i was planning on getting two girl rabbits and i'm not realy that sure on what to call them, could you give me some cool names?

Gromit lad Posted: Feb 17th 2011

Bubbley, chubley, Fluffles, cuddly, fluffy, cutie, sally, sara, littles, Puffs, Bushy, Thumper, Jumpers, Totty, Jinx, Jacky, Lucky, Daisy.

Use to have 2 when I was very little, I don't remember much, but the girls Lola.

lad lol good luck

chicken lickin Posted: Feb 18th 2011

thanks for the names gromit lad! i like the name jinx

mmasonghi studios Posted: Feb 18th 2011

Pixar i think that would be a cool name

Hutch the rabbit Posted: Feb 19th 2011

Miffy, Maizey, Twinkle, Spotty, Hutch , Cheeky, Poppy, Spotty, Daisy, and thats all I could think of!

chicken lickin Posted: Feb 22nd 2011

some realy great names, thanks Hutch the rabbit

icy blue Posted: Mar 30th 2011

Cool your getting two She-rabbits thats great

icy blue Posted: Mar 30th 2011

mabey you should name one Sparks

shaun the lamb Posted: Apr 5th 2011


chicken lickin Posted: Apr 14th 2011

they are super names, i will be getting them soon (thats if my dad says yes, which he will!) blueberry is a good name for a black rabbit i think! and sparks i think would suit a brown rabbit

Calls Posted: Jun 7th 2011

Cotton tail?

Sniggles Posted: Jun 7th 2011


ogologol Posted: Jun 8th 2011

how about chocolate or hutch after the one in the curse of the were-rabbit?;)

chicken lickin Posted: Jun 18th 2011

thanks for all the awsome names, i've got my rabbits, its a boy, hes 6 months old and i decided to name him frankie. i'll put some picture of him on soon!!

edmond Posted: Jun 20th 2011


chicken lickin Posted: Aug 5th 2011

edmond if you mean the name "Frankie" is cheesy then i think you are wrong as his name realy does sute him |-)

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