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ErhuDave Posted: Feb 28th 2011

Hi there, we have a baby boy due in may and are now thinking of a name for the baby. We both are dog lovers and we think Gromit is the coolest and smartedt dog we have ever seen. We are actualyl thinking of naming our boy "Gromit". We are not crazy fans of the animation but really admire the work of "Wallace and Gromit".

We've got a mixed feedback from our friends - some likes it but some says he will hate us when he goes to school. Is this really a bad idea?

Ursrut Posted: Feb 28th 2011

Maybe middle name material ;)

Nathan M Posted: Feb 28th 2011

It would be awesome to have a name like gromit :D, However you do need to think of the future such as school etc so i also think it would be better as a middle name like ursrut said.

i still think gromit would be just as cool as a second name

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 1st 2011

I think it's a really cool idea - but maybe middle name material, like the guys above have suggested :D

Let us know what you decide!!!

ErhuDave Posted: Mar 1st 2011

Thanks everyone. I think I'm not running the risk of being a behated parent - Gromit the middle name then! :D

abra Posted: Mar 2nd 2011

cool. that would be a great middle name. what would be the first name then??

mmasonghi studios Posted: Mar 2nd 2011

yeah middle name ;)

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 6th 2011

maybe a nickname, but even if youre child isnt happy with it, providing you are in the uk, you can change their name legally at any point.

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Mar 22nd 2011

Imagine when he's taking his girlfriend on a date... what are the chances of him dating a girl called Fluffles?!?!?!!

To be named after such a clever dog, he'll have a lot to live up to!

Having said that, my real first name (my nom de plume is SockEye Salmon - I hasten to add, my fishy name is not on my birth certificate or passport), I have lots to live up to as well.

Grumblefish Posted: Mar 24th 2011

No it is not silly, just ask Moon Unit Zappa. Yes, that's a real name. It's Frank Zappa's son.

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Mar 25th 2011

Yep... Peaches Geldof, Fifi Trixibelle Geldof, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (daugher of Paula Yates and INXS lead singer, Michael Hutchens),Chastity Bono (daughter of Sonny Bono and his wife, Cher), Phoenix Chi (daughter of Scary Spice Mel B), Zowie Bowie, Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Cruz Beckham...

The difference is that these children have famous parents.

There was a case in New Zealand where a baby was given the name 'Tallulah does the hula from Hawaii' and got into trouble. Tallulah isn't bad in itself (though it shares the same name as a character from Bugsy Malone)but it was tagged with the 'does the hula from Hawaii'.

Well, Kermit and Grover are actually proper first names in America - though they are also the names of muppets from Sesame Street.

In the old days, there were names like Beauregard, Everard, Marmaduke, Ewart, Egremont...

Something to think about.

I prefer saint's names myself - and there are some exotic monikers there, too!

sean walsh Posted: Mar 26th 2011

No.But it is more of a middle name.

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