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CrackerzandCheez Posted: Mar 1st 2011

Hey Guys! Just wondering, does anyone have any really good, effective techniques to smooth plasticine? I use Newplast by the way, and even when its really warm, when I smooth my finger over it, it just turns a different colour. (Also, if your just going to say "Van Aken is way better" then don't bother commenting, because I like Newplast! :) )

Also, how do you guys make furniture, made a lot of stuff from cardboard, balsa wood, and just wanted to know if I'm missing something?

By the way, making a little short with a character 'monster' (I suppose?) so that should be on in a week or so?? (Dont hold me to that!!)

Cheers, any answer is appreciated, as long as it isn't "Van Aken is better!" because I've heard enough! ;)

Thanks Guys! CrackerzandCheez

P.S Here is my 'monster' guy! :D

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 7th 2011

Hi CrackerzandCheez-
I was told recently by Gareth Owen (Shaun the Sheep Series Producer) that the best way to smooth your clay is to use either a wet wipe or (disgustingly) spit. Apparently you just need a little spit, rather than soaking your model in it. That would be extra disgusting. It's probably healthier to use the wet wipe option!
Aardman gets huge deliveries of wet wipes at the same time as the clay :).
So there you go- a little tip from an insider!

Hope that helps!

And why not enter your models into the Your Creations competition? It would be great to see them!

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