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potsy Posted: Mar 2nd 2011

plz if your not my buddy can you send a request to me?!

saturnthe5th Posted: Mar 2nd 2011


Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 3rd 2011

this belongs in the general chat section.

potsy Posted: Mar 4th 2011

but heaps of other threads on here do too

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Mar 4th 2011

yip there is potsy clay fighter behave yourself:O

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 5th 2011

Potsy this is the only thread like this in this section, other threads that dont particularly relate to W&G were made before the 'General Chat' section opened. So maybe int he future this belongs there, oh and I sent you a buddy request ;)

kld loves wallace for eva- Don't tell em to behave myself I was si ply informing Potsy of the rules, you behave yourself.

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 6th 2011

^^ What CF said.

potsy Posted: Mar 11th 2011

ok thanks clay fighter but plz no more fighting

bioniclecharlie Posted: Mar 18th 2011

ok :-(|);):)|-)

tash012 Posted: May 21st 2011

Hiya ya all plz send me a buddy requset thankz alot.!!!:)

Calls Posted: Jun 4th 2011

I just sent you one!;)

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