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claymotion247 Posted: Mar 7th 2011

hey guys im back and i just want to know how big my models should be? please tell me the hight in centimetres . i need quite big but need a good size for my sets:) thanks please reply soon.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Mar 7th 2011

my main puppet is ten inches(25.4 centimeters) this is very nice to animate more pelple will prob tell you 6 inces(15.24 centimeters)

iantimothy Posted: Mar 7th 2011

That's tricky, because there's positives and negatives, because the bigger the puppet, the easier to animate, but also the bigger the puppet the bigger the sets, and unless you live in a warehouse this will eventually become a problem, I am starting to run out of room for my sets and my puppets are only about 6 inches tall. So I would say six inches is a good hight, easy to animate not to big of sets.

claymotion247 Posted: Mar 9th 2011

well guys you have very good points but i may need another answer because iantimothy i have quite a big set but i'll try 6 inches but what would be good for a big set?

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 9th 2011

that would depend how big a big set is...

claymotion247 Posted: Mar 9th 2011

quite BIG:D

Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 9th 2011

Are there doorways on your set?

iantimothy Posted: Mar 9th 2011

i'll need some dimensions, your definition of quite big is going to be very different than someone like Aardman's definition of quite big.

claymotion247 Posted: Mar 10th 2011

i'll just use 6 inches because to get my set dimension would be hard because of the shape:-|

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