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edmond Posted: Mar 13th 2011

I still wonder if Nick Park has left Wallace and Gromit to make different movies Im not sure if there is another wallace and gromit movie being made or is that the end of nick park and wallace and gromit. If you know about whether another wallace and gromit is being made or that thats the end tell me.Im awfully confuzed :'(

hutch64 Posted: Mar 14th 2011

I hope there's another film as well. But what I want to see next is another feature film like Curse of the Were Rabbit. That was a hilarious movie.

edmond Posted: Mar 15th 2011

that was

claymation Posted: Mar 21st 2011

Edmond, I don't think they'd have a website if they were done making videos! ;)

Grumblefish Posted: Mar 22nd 2011

I agree, as Sean Connery once said Never say never.

edmond Posted: Apr 9th 2011

i know claymotion but i just havent seen any real movies with them in it. it seemed that at the end of Matter of Loaf or death it looked like that would be the appropriate ending ;)

Gromit lad Posted: Apr 9th 2011

Some people are considering a one movie during the climax of their success of a tv show/ series. Just like spongebob in 2005, the Movie. I remember sitting on the middle area with my stubs of a legs trying to prop them up on the railing, with an announcer with a mic. speaking, and 2 giant inflatable pineapples on each side of the theatre....but thats long past, lol.

So once they get more fans from the movie, their success rises, rises, rises, continuees the series, than a few years later they might get tired and look to the future and end the whole series with a final conclusion movie.

lad, it just seems to happen like that a lot...

CrazyClub Posted: Apr 9th 2011

Who knows if they still are making movies. Just ask some staff or something like that. they must know the answer

Calls Posted: Jun 4th 2011

Well they just finished world of invention aardman may make another series I don't know?

alibongob Posted: Jul 28th 2011

they are makeing 2 moives with sony pirets in an advnture with sceintis and ather chrismas carnt wait!!!!!:D

evastar7 Posted: Aug 1st 2011

i know they are making 2 films i have seen trailer of both of them it looks really good ! :O

edmond Posted: Aug 2nd 2011

could you find the trailers on youtube and post them to this thread

evastar7 Posted: Aug 2nd 2011

oh no ! i have made a big mistake i was talking about the new films but its nothing about wallace and gromit i bet you about it already... the piartres and arther chrismas i am so sorry oh dear :-(

edmond Posted: Aug 6th 2011

its ok

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 7th 2011

I realy do help so but i can't be to sure, wand g might not have another film but perhaps short shows like matter of loaf and deaf and these would be on tv at christmas and stuff:)

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 7th 2011

sorry guys i put help and i was ment to put hope, LOL|-)

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