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iantimothy Posted: Mar 21st 2011

Beaver Creek Episode Six is OUT NOW!!!! After a really really long time I finally finished this episode. Here is the link-

I am happy with it... but I don't really matter, tell me what YOU think about it. Tell me anything, what you like, what you didn't like, favorite moment, anything. Oh, feel free to ask questions.
So, grab a box of Stick-O's, sit back, relax, and watch Beaver Creek Episode Six.

"That's All Folks"

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 22nd 2011

That was great Ian!!
I especially loved meeting Twigs' family and the twist at the end!
I did cringe, however everytime I heard the name "Slappy" due to a family friend with the name Slappy Wag ending his life last night.

Great animation though!!

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Mar 22nd 2011

Another fantastic episode of Beaver Creek!
The catapult scene worked really well & I loved the supermarket !
The new set and new characters look great!

Any chance of seeing any behind the scene images??!
I look forward to seeing Twigs and his friends in more episodes in the future!
Keep up the good work! :D

Ursrut Posted: Mar 22nd 2011

Just watched it and what an awesome epidsode it was, the whole thing worked so well together :) I look forward to the next episode. :D Well done

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 22nd 2011

Excellent! I love Beaver Creek. I'm incredibly impressed with your films. How many Beaver Creeks will there be- have you decided yet?

womble1 Posted: Mar 23rd 2011

I loved it
Great work
well done:)

Chocachoc Posted: Mar 23rd 2011

Loved it, Ian! I've left you a comment on youtube! Fantastic work!

jesusfreak247 Posted: Mar 24th 2011

superb work ian. just curious, do you picture the next episode picking up where this one ended?

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 25th 2011

Another fantastic episode - I loved your use of puns used in the Home Treepo scene! ;)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Mar 25th 2011

Great work i loved it :D

iantimothy Posted: Mar 31st 2011

Thanks, everyone, glad you like it!
vincent I actually have some good behind the scenes stuff from this one, I will get some stuff off my camera tonight and put it on here. There is some good trivia that I can post too!

P.S. Ellie M, thank you so much!

iantimothy Posted: Mar 31st 2011

Here is some general trivia.

This episode starts out differently from all the others, the others start with wide shots, this one starts with a close up on the banjo and zooms out.

That first shot was reshot 4 different times, because I didn't like it.

When the bottle is floating in the water, it is a different bottle than Twigs picks up, when it is in the water, it is a little differently shaped and about half the size.

Twigs addresses the two baby beavers as "kits" the name for a baby beaver.

Home Treepot is a play on words of Home Depot

The Home Treepot exterior only has three sides and is about the same hight as Twigs.

On the found objects shelf most of the things I have actually seen as trash lying in creeks, you can also see the insta lodge box, and drakes sunglasses

The bag of mud says "silty mud" silt is the kind of mud on the bottom of ponds.

When Slappy is throwing the mud, I was using a depth perception trick it is actually on the ground and even stuck to drake on some frames.

The mud throwing, mud catching, and the fishing pole were all rotoscoped.

The dinner table is a piece of craft wood I cut on the sides and glued sticks for legs.

The painting of the tree is actually a real painting on a piece of canvas.

The crunching sounds are me chewing on pretzels.

The mom's eyelashes are whiskers from a cat doll.

The paper airplane is less than an inch long.

When Twigs reads Drake's letter and says "Dear Drake, that's you" is a reference to the show HEE HAW listen at about 15 seconds in.

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