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Chocachoc Posted: Mar 26th 2011

I am very happy to announce that I have finally finished my first ever short film! I am extremely pleased with it, which I should be because I put an awful lot of work into it! I put together everything I have ever learnt about creating stop motion films to create it, and learnt so much whilst doing it! I had never made a proper short film before this, so this film is a real achievement for me! Hooray!

Ursrut Posted: Mar 27th 2011

I love it. Such a simplistic animation, with so much expression. But POOR Barry!!! Really well done :D:)

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Mar 27th 2011

WOW! I'm impressed!
Such a cute/simple story told in a lovely way!
I particularly liked the use of 'depth of focus'. In the flower picking scene I loved the way Barry started out of focus in the background and became in focus as he approached the foreground. The shots were brilliantly composited and the way the background was unfocused made it ever more charming.
Those clouds worked brilliantly. I watched it again, but just concentrated on the clouds, they move so smoothly and are so constant! How did you do this? Was it like a roller blind effect where you pulled the whole sky between frames.
The set was bright and simple which cleverly complimented the character animation.
I look forward to seeing Barry and his friends in the future!
Congrats on your first film!

Chocachoc Posted: Mar 27th 2011

Thank you very much :D

I will take some pictures of the set to show you it! I'm glad you see the animation how I wanted it to be - bright and simple and making the characters the center of attention. The sky is a piece of mdf (same as the grass mdf, but smaller in width) and I have a ruler attached to the base of it and every shot I had to move it 1mm at a time. In one of the shots I filmed it backwards, so I had to move the clouds the other way, and I did have to re-film sometimes because I went to wrong way! Reading that you watched it back to watch only the clouds pleases me; I had to do that so much to make sure it was perfect! I appreciate that.

Thank you for your comments


Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 27th 2011

I loved it!
It reminded me a little of Wall-E when he's chasing Eve!!
Excellent work, well done!!

Chocachoc Posted: Mar 27th 2011

Just posted all of my behind the scenes pictures for 'Barry the Snail - First love' on my other thread 'Barry the Snail: Episode 1'!

Hope you like them :)

womble1 Posted: Mar 27th 2011

That was amazing well done

mmasonghi studios Posted: Mar 27th 2011


katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 28th 2011

Wow, well done Chocachoc, a fantastic piece of work that you should be very proud of! I feel sorry for Barry now :( I hope he finds love in his next adventure!!

Chocachoc Posted: Mar 28th 2011

Thankyou very much :)

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 30th 2011

That was amazing and funny!

Its strange, For a while I have had the idea that my character, Scott The Slug would chase after The Female slug who debuted in my second installmenty of Scott The Slug and try and impress her in many ways, simply to find she found a better slug ahahaha!

Great animation, cant wait too see what happens next!

abra Posted: Apr 5th 2011

very nice!! love the facial expressions.

Chocachoc Posted: May 19th 2011

Hello! I have just created a facebook page for my animations! Please 'like' it :)

I also have twitter: @chocachocfilms

Thanks :)

preston the robot dog Posted: May 19th 2011

Fantastic animation!
It was soooo good! How long did it take to complete it and what computer tools did you use to make it? I really look forward to see what happens next

jadesyjoo Posted: Jun 1st 2011

very very good howd u do it ?

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