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policeman95 Posted: Jan 20th 2008

my new animation about a holy women who who is getting cursed by the devil.its my first animation it willbe released in 2009 ill keep you posted with details watch this thread for details

jordan Posted: Jan 21st 2008

sounds lovely

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jan 21st 2008

hi policeman95, I think you animation might be too violent and scary for this site, keep in mind we have a lot of young members. Feel free to use these forums to talk about your animation techniques, but leave out the details of the story. Thanks.

jordan Posted: Jan 21st 2008

my thoughts exactly!!

policeman95 Posted: Jan 21st 2008

oh sorry katie my apoligzes everyone

policeman95 Posted: Jan 21st 2008

Sorry the animation is canceled sorry it's to scary it will give you nightmares Apoliges

Josephine Posted: Jan 21st 2008

It's a good job, too, policeman95! Let that be a lesson to you!

I was getting pretty scared and perturbed by the content. Besides, the media market is SATURATED with scary stuff that leaves very little to the imagination.

Holy Women (and Holy Men, for that matter) are NOT and cannot be cursed! They fight monumental battles with the devil, hell and evil in much the same way as Harry Potter against Voldemort and in the trilogy as detailed in The Lord Of The Rings.

If you have ever seen "A Close Shave", it is who explains why has turned = "Daddy built him for good but he's turned out evil". But do you know what this story has got in common with Harry Potter, LOTR, Chronicles of Narnia etc. ? Evil is defeated by swinging on an anvil on the end of a rope and knocking into the mincing machine.

Needless to say, ends up in pieces.

I've done a lot of research and reading for work projects - unless you can offer HOPE (I do not mean violins and fluffy - use your loaf!) then leave nasty and violent storylines ALONE! There's enough evil in the world as it is in reality, never mind in film!

Josephine Posted: Jan 21st 2008


terminator876 Posted: Jan 21st 2008

hey katie why you banned my old account "terminator987" this is my new account:'(

jordan Posted: Jan 21st 2008

once your banned your not suposed to come back? otherwise you will just probly be banned again?

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 21st 2008

Yeah, I agree. How'd you come back?!

policeman95 Posted: Jan 21st 2008

ino weird

policeman95 Posted: Jan 21st 2008

i'm going have to make a new animation up but not with the devil in lol.

policeman95 Posted: Jan 21st 2008

josephine they can have you heard a word called EXCORSIM|-)

Josephine Posted: Jan 21st 2008

Yes I have heard of Exorcism, policeman95. I've heard of ordinary people being possessed and subsequently exorcised - even houses have been possessed... Holy people have been bashed about by demons and,in extremely rare cases, some COULD have been possessed but they are rescued from it..I won't go into details because it this is not the place to discuss this subject so I am drawing a line under it!

Fish Posted: Jan 21st 2008

As any good exorcist or Holy person might tell you, it's better not to dwell on evil and violence. Ask the Reverend Clement Hedges! Besides, we are all here to dwell on and enjoy Wallace and Gromit - definitely two uplifting images if I ever saw them!

squigly Posted: Jan 21st 2008

This thread is getting kind of dark. Shall we shut the lights on this subject?:-(

Fish Posted: Jan 21st 2008

Sounds good to me!

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 22nd 2008

Yep, sounds good! I've never heard of Exorcism. ;)

Josephine Posted: Jan 22nd 2008

I agree totally with you, Fish, squigly and Mark the Shark. That's why I wanted a line drawn under this dark subject in my last post. If it continued, I'd have had to ask my friend (who is a Priest) to help and advise, just as you,Fish, have checked the web and posted an attachment on the Reverend Clement Hedges.

On the plus side, we have learned something, haven't we? Focus on goodness, peace and the people -
and things - that give us hope. :)

policeman95 Posted: Jan 22nd 2008

lets change the subject then

policeman95 Posted: Jan 22nd 2008

i agree Josephine

policeman95 Posted: Jan 22nd 2008

who needs the devil when you have God

Josephine Posted: Jan 22nd 2008


Mark the shark Posted: Feb 8th 2008

I am going to do Wallace and Gromit: Christmas Carol which will be released next Christmas on this site(I hope). And it should be scary so get your lights out and watch it next year! It'll be very good!;)

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