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hutch64 Posted: Apr 2nd 2011

I'd love to see a DVD full of Aardman's short films like Ident or Offbeat. They're all so brilliant. I'm in America and have heard that in England they've released a VHS of shorts, but I'd like to see a DVD here, since Aardman is one of my favorite movie companies.:D
I'd also like to see a Morph compilation too.

Grumblefish Posted: Apr 7th 2011

Aardman did once it's called Creature Comforts as it featured the original short, along with Wat's Pig, Not without my Handbag and Adam. It came out in 2000 here in America and is out of print.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 12th 2011

hi Hutch,

Aardman released a compilation of "darker" shorts, but I don't think it was ever released in the US :(

You can watch a lot of Aardman's work on YouTube as well:

Calls Posted: Apr 15th 2011

The AArdmans darkside DVD is a little bit rude!

hutch64 Posted: Apr 16th 2011

Thanks. Hopefully we'll see some DVD's of the shorts released here in the US.
Youtube doesn't work well on my computer, unfortunately. But I'll still be sure to check out the channel often.
@grumblefish Out of print DVD's are normally hard to find, but maybe i'll be lucky enough to find one on Ebay. s long as it isn't overpriced.

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