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VincentAnimations01 Posted: Apr 5th 2011


Pre - production has begun for the fifth instalment of Green Roots.
The film will run for 3 minutes approx and will take 5 months to complete. (hopefully)
To see the previous episode of Green Roots check out the link below:

Green Roots episode 4 has just won Grand prize at the National Young film makers award in Leeds. The film was shown as part of the Leeds Young Film Festival and was judged by a panel of industry experts. 100's of films were entered and my film made it to the top 10. The 10 films were shown to a full cinema audience where judges gave there critique.
Green Roots was praised for being a 'colourful/lovely' little film. The judges then picked the film as being the winner.
It's really great to receive somer recognition for the film I spent months on single hand-idly!

To see the winning film click on the link below.

On this thread I will update you with progress of Green Roots episode 5!

Stay tuned!
(Below) Talking Carrot on the big screen!

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 5th 2011

Well Done Vincent, National!! :P

Can't wait for this episode, most likely to be another award winning piece of work |-)

Chocachoc Posted: Apr 6th 2011

I'll be looking forward to it, Lawrence! Well done on the award!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 17th 2011

i cant wait

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 20th 2011

Can't Wait! I love Green Roots!

Purple&Brown Posted: Jun 27th 2011

How's it coming along VA?

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Jul 9th 2011

Long time no see - nice to hear from you P&B.
Green Roots 5 has been put on hold!

I have some huge exciting news... I'll fill you all in within the next couple weeks!!

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 19th 2011

Hi VA!
could you tell us the exciting news?

Purple&Brown Posted: Aug 21st 2011

Great to see you back Vincent, good to hear from you to.

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