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Gromit lad Posted: Apr 21st 2011

Ever been in the most random moment and finding Wallace & Gromit, and or Aardman creations anywere? Or been surprised by a moment with W&G, than post them here!


Gromit lad Posted: Apr 21st 2011

Ok, so today me dad and my sister walked on over to Albertsons Market so we could use the restroom. But me and my sister walked over to the crane machine and coin machines. I offered my sister some coins to try them out, but she refused. She pointed over by the crane machine and I just shrugged. We walked over to it and I was surprised to see all of the new plushes in their, they had HOP( From the newer movie) toys in there. I said, okay, and handed .50 for the machine. I watched the claw move by as my dad walked up behind us. I sat their, when I looked down. A Wallace Plush was sitting, standing straight up! I couldn't believe it. W&G isn't normal around my part of town, lol, but my dad took out some singles, and we attempted over 10 times for it!!! Dissapointed on the last few turns, just up of Wallace was Timmy, from Timmytime. I laughed and on the first attempt got it. Satisfied we left. And on the ride home, I could hear a very low scream of, "Cheeeeeeese!"
Yet, all over all, while I'm sitting here typing, I believe its still sitting at the store waiting for the next victim. And my dads pulled up those plushes on ebay, people sell them for over $40 or more.... collectables were just not to be, lol!

lad, (Albertsons is probably rich now...thanks to me dad!)

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