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chicken lickin Posted: Apr 22nd 2011

When i'm older i would like to be an RSPCA inspector because i love animals and hate to see them suffer. Please post what you want to be when you are older.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 25th 2011

I would love to be a director/animator like Nick Park

chicken lickin Posted: Apr 26th 2011

cool, i don't blame ya

potsy Posted: Apr 26th 2011

Maybe a full-time drawer. Or an environment artist for video games.

Sniggles Posted: Apr 27th 2011

when i graduate from college i wanna work in an art gallery then a claymation animator or psychologist then i will be discovered for designing clothes and or drawing. that is my life plan!

chicken lickin Posted: Apr 29th 2011

sounds great potsy and sniggles, good luck for the future!

Wenslydale15 Posted: May 1st 2011


Roosterlee Posted: May 3rd 2011

I want to either work for aardman, be a fashion designer or work at RSPCA as I love animals and want too help them.

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 4th 2011

One thing I would also like to do is to go to England I'm an American |-)

Gromits little bro Posted: May 4th 2011

Just England or the whole of the UK?

chicken lickin Posted: May 4th 2011

i would love too work for the RSPCA too roosterlee and mmasonghi studios- i would love to go abroad to the USA as i have never been there before (i've only been too france twice)

pugdoggie Posted: May 4th 2011

when i'm older, i'd like to be an illustrator for childrens books, i love to draw! :)

chicken lickin Posted: May 5th 2011

sounds awsome pugdoggie and am love'in the pic of your pug as your avatar!

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 5th 2011

I would like to see the aardman studios and also some famous England sites
@chicken licken
That would be cool
come to Texas you wil have more fun than any other state!

BlueSkyGazer Posted: May 5th 2011

I want to write my own plays and act in musical theatre productions!

chicken lickin Posted: May 6th 2011

sounds awsome mmaasonghi studios, i would love to go to NEWYORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chicken lickin Posted: May 6th 2011

WOW, you future looks bright blueskygazer!

chicken lickin Posted: May 6th 2011

i hope you all get the jobs you want in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BlueSkyGazer Posted: May 6th 2011

Thanks! :D

teh marshmallow 7 Posted: May 28th 2011


iantimothy Posted: May 28th 2011

in response to mmasongghi, I am going to say something plain and simple.

e'v'b'dy kners thit kintecky is the moest moer funist staet in the hoel yooon-i-teed staetes. much moer
ex-i-tin' than tecksas :D <---- just pretend that smiley is missing a couple teeth.

all joking aside,
I will probably go into some sort of animation or film, but I really have no idea.

Clay Fighter Posted: May 29th 2011

Ahaha, Ian you make me laugh :D

Sniggles Posted: May 31st 2011

kentucky! haha! ian, love the southern accent yall! i'm part canadian der eh?

iantimothy Posted: Jun 1st 2011

I've been in New York City the last two days. Actually I am currently sitting in the Chicago airport (gotta love that iPhone), but I haven't heard a southern accent in days.... I hate that......
Oh and sniggles, the kentuck'n in me has to correct your use of the word "y'all", a real suth'ner will only use "y'all" when referring to a group of people

Sniggles Posted: Jun 2nd 2011

haha i live in NYC!! what were you doing there?! and also, thank you for the correction of y'all.

iantimothy Posted: Jun 2nd 2011

I won 2 gold medals from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, there was an award ceremony at Carnegie Hall, I can forever say that my animation has been shown at Carnegie Hall. They also had a talk with some important people in the film industry, The film critic for the NY Times has seen Beaver Creek :O and I met an important person from Time Warner and I am in an exhibit in a gallery at the World Financial Center.

We were only there two days ( my second time in NY) but we packed a lot in.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 2nd 2011

@ian you best be nowt makin' fun me and maw fanily :D <---- just pretend he has a big hat ha lol

iantimothy Posted: Jun 3rd 2011

naw Der'nt woree yer pritty little haid off, n'aw got sum kin in tecks-is, all's i is say'n is thit ev'r'body kners this kinteckee is jest a mite bit better thin the lown ster staet. We gots good ol' fashined kinteckee suth'rn cookin' <---- just pretend that is fried.

iantimothy Posted: Jun 3rd 2011

whew.... a real kentucky accent is very very hard to translate into phonetic spelling. Some sounds just don't exist as letters! that is about as good as i can get (git)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 3rd 2011


iantimothy Posted: Jun 3rd 2011

Ursrut Posted: Jun 4th 2011

Well Done Iantimothy!

I'm not to sure what i want to do, When i was younger I wanted to be an RSPCA warden, then a nurse, then a paramedic, then a doctor, then a lawyer ( which is what i'm stuck on now!) Got to make my choice soon, otherwise i'm going to have to take a gap year and then I will travel a little!

Purple&Brown Posted: Jun 4th 2011

Something in Business hopefully :)

Sniggles Posted: Jun 4th 2011

iantimothy that is so awesome! i always wanted to submit my art work to the scholastic art and writing awards!

iantimothy Posted: Jun 4th 2011

You should!!!! it is a great experience. Even if you only win something at regionals that is still great!

Calls Posted: Jun 4th 2011

When I am older I would like to own a cafe

chicken lickin Posted: Jun 18th 2011

calls that sounds awsome, if you own your own cafe i'm so coming in for a cuppa

cheese gromit cheese Posted: Jun 18th 2011


fbi agent

edmond Posted: Jun 20th 2011

Footballer or Cricketer :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

harryboy8080 Posted: Jun 21st 2011

I'm basically the same as mmasonghi studios! :D

the mag Posted: Jun 29th 2011

i want to be a cop when i'm old enough!;)

evastar7 Posted: Jul 24th 2011


cheesehead302 Posted: Jul 25th 2011

stop motion dude i cant find ahy software for stop motion without a web cam so im stuck with windows movie make

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jul 26th 2011

I use this its free its Monkey jam
when you get a web cam this one is good its ananzi stop motion animator
if you need anything else it will prob be here

alibongob Posted: Jul 27th 2011

when im older i want,sorry i would like (i want never gets ;) ) to go the national film school,work for aardman then open up my own company called Aanmie and marry a policeman have about 3 kidz and live happly ever after and thatz just the begining :D>:-)

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