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SockEyeSalmon Posted: May 3rd 2011

Greetings, my dearest, dearest friends! Boy, have I missed you!

Sorry I have been away for a while... I was working on an important project which needed my undivided attention and a lot of time. Now, I'm now having a rest.

Whilst we were driving home from completing part of the project in Wigan, my friend and I could not believe our eyes! On the motorway, zooming in front of us, was a motorbike with a sidecar and - what should we see seated on its master's lap in the sidecar and wearing goggles but a Jack Russell dog! It reminded me of our chums and in A Close Shave!

Did you notice that the BBC TV schedule on Royal Wedding Day 0:) included our chums?

Fish Posted: May 6th 2011

SockEye! I'm chuffed to mintballs to read you! A Jack Russell wearing goggles? An example of life imitating art!

How are you feeling? My broken arm is a lot better now,

Ralphie sends greeting to Nutmeg Blue - and his best chew bone.

PoisonIvy Posted: May 7th 2011

Hi SockEye! Long time no read!

Fish - you broke your arm?! That's terrible!

Fish Posted: May 7th 2011

I'm lots better now, PoisonIvy. It still hurts some, but I'm able to use it more and more every day.

SockEyeSalmon Posted: May 8th 2011

Indeedy, yes, dear chums! A motorbike, sidecar plus Jack Russell dog wearing goggles. The little doggie looked very much at home in the sidecar, taking it all in with the wind blowing through its ears! And it happened on the way back from Wigan, of all places! Home of the mintballs!

Hiya, PoisonIvy! Indeed, it has been a long time since I contributed anything to the forum. It's been like this for about a year, on and off...

I was on my way back from meeting a priest who lived on the fringe of the diocese. My friend and I were returning a video (remember them?)he loaned to us. It was too precious to put in the post so we delivered it to him by hand.

I've been busy on the one hand with a very special job and my health has been up and down on the other. Fits and starts...

Nutmeg Blue sends her bestest chew-chews and biccies to you and Ralphie... and an exceptionally sloppy lick to kiss your poor broken arm better! You poor thing. Will be in touch... 0:)

Fish Posted: May 10th 2011

I'm praying your health goes "up" and stays there, dear friend!

Ralphie loved the sloppy lick and sends one back to Nutmeg Blue.

Right now I am very sad because our beloved little guinea pig died! :'( I guess he was kind of old by guinea pig standards. But he didn't seem to be sick at all. He was his old self yesterday morning. A few hours later he was dead.:-( We gave him a proper burial with prayers and eulogy.

Clay Fighter Posted: May 28th 2011

Aww you poor thing Fish

Fish Posted: May 29th 2011

It's amazing how much personality a guinea pig has. I got really attached and VERY fond of him.

Gromits little bro Posted: May 30th 2011

I have two guinea pigs and I had two other guinea pigs (actually i had 7 but its a complicated story) and I must say fish, I agree. It was so upsetting when they died :'(
I hope you feel better now though

Fish Posted: Jun 1st 2011

Thanks, GLB. I am some better now. I especially miss him in the mornings - I used to play with him and feed him before leaving for the day.

Did you have all 7 guinea pigs at once, or one or two at a time?

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 2nd 2011

Ohh I know what you mean :'(
I had two, but they fought a lot, so we had to return them, and then we bought another two, who we had for five years. One of these was pregnant so we had guinea-pig piglets (i dont know what you call them) as well for 6 weeks until we sold them back to the breeder. So that was 3+2+2=7
And now i have two more guinea pigs which I have had for 3 years (one of them had an operation in Feb) So I had 9 in total.

Ursrut Posted: Jun 2nd 2011

First of all Yikes GLB!!!
I really have missed out, I keep on forgetting there is a general chat forum!
Sockeye, it's good to see that you posted, have been wondering about how you're getting on for a while now! Very intriging this mystery job!
Also, I was rather amazed on my travels to see ( without giving too much away about location) someone on a motobike and our beloved chum as a toy version sat in the side car all goggled up, it did make me laugh! Turns out that just down the road at a concert hall they were holding a folk festival in aid of wallace and gromit's cots for tots appeal! Was so glad i was in the right place at the right time to have seen that, did give me a good chuckle, wished i had a camera too!
So sorry to read about your guinea pig Fish!

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 6th 2011

I have 2 at the moment which I am so very fond of, I have never experienced a Guinea Pig death and hope I don't have too for some time yet :'(

edmond Posted: Jun 16th 2011

I have no animals
but sorry for your loss:-(

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Jun 16th 2011

Fish, my old pal... sorry about the loss of your guinea pig :'( Oh, how I hate it when our furry pals are ill or dying... I, for one, so easily forget that our furry pals have a short life span... which is a lesson in life itself. How's Ralphie the Wonderdog? Nutmeg Blue sends lots of belly rubs, lickies, cyber biccies and chews (she's into those dental chews at the moment... she's fast asleep.

Ursrut, my friend! I hope all is well with you. It's great that we're not the only ones to see W&G - a - likes on the road - and all for a good cause, too! They really brighten up our day... moreso than speeding roadhogs in expensive cars tearing up the motorway and almost crashing into my side of the car! :-(

The 'mystery' project - let's say - after the sleepless nights and labour-intensive research etc. was a great success. Phew! Getting all the stuff was the hard bit but putting it altogether was like freewheeling.

How are you doing with your projects, Ursrut? Still going strong??

Fish Posted: Jun 19th 2011

SockEye! I'm so glad to read you! Ralphie is doing very well - and thanks Nutmeg Blue for the belly rubs, licks and doggie treats. Ralphie now has a little sister named Sassy. She is a border collie, about a year old. We "rescued" her. She was abused, and very scared of humans at first. We've had her two weeks and she gets more relaxed and happy every day. Ralphie adores her - and the feeling is mutual. They were introduced to each other at the doggie rescue place and they spent the entire time (while the humans signed papers) playing together. It was love at first sniff! |-)

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Jul 22nd 2011

Awwww, a rescue doggie! Isn't Sassy a beauty? I'm so glad the two get on together like a house on fire and bet that walkies are double the fun, too! Nutmeg Blue is also a rescue dog.. They are the best dogs because, when you treat them well with lots of patience and loves, they stick with you through thick and thin. Why humans would take a dog and abuse it beats me. I always say that if anyone treats animals badly, how do they treat humans? How's life, Fish? All the richer for another beautiful dog?

evastar7 Posted: Jul 23rd 2011

it must of been odd seeing a dog on a side bike;).you should of took a picture of it then you could of shown it us :-| do you think this dog is cute or is it cute ?

Fish Posted: Aug 9th 2011

Hi, Sock Eye! Life is treating me well! I hope the same is true for you and Nutmeg Blue. Sassy is a sweet doggie and we all love her- most especially true for Ralphie. They are devoted to each other - very good friends. |-)

Sassy is much more relaxed now than when she frst came to live with us. She still gets scared sometimes....but not for as long

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Aug 22nd 2011

Hiya, Fish! All I can say is 'the dog ate my homework' for the yawning gap in my posts here on our beloved website!

My last surviving uncle died in June and my workplace is moving to another location across the city... more about that in a month or so...

I gotta admit that I'm developing a soft spot for Sassy, too. She is gorgeous and Ralphie and Sassy look so good together. Nutmeg Blue is so impressed that she is sending over a giant bag of cyber dog biccies and lots of licks to the three of you... not forgetting Ralphie, of course!

Adopting a rescue dog takes lots of love and patience. I've had three in my life - all beautiful doggies - two of them passed away and I still sorely miss them. They had it pretty rough in their early lives but, as I love giving hugs and loves, I invested lots and lots of the same into my doggies. There is no doubt in my mind, Fish, that you are doing exactly the same with Sassy and that is what's healing her - as well as a good friend in Ralphie the Wonderdog.

One of Nutmeg Blue's friends called Shep,a handsome Collie, passed away last week. Her dad told me the sad news and he misses him.

Meggie was sad but she's consoled by her new friends which include two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, a Yorkshire Terrier called Bobo and a Labradoodle called Pepper.

I bought a tin box of and assorted biscuits/cookies. I could not eat the biscuits so they were shared amongst my family and friends. When the tin became empty, it was decided that it should be used to store my cans (radio headphones) ... and they fit perfectly!

It feels like an age since the last W&G movie...

Fish Posted: Sep 3rd 2011

SockEye! |-)

Your workplace is moving to another location across town? Is your job the same? Anyhow, I hope the move is going smoothly for you.

Sorry to hear about your uncle - and also about Meggie's friend, Shep. I'm glad she's got friends to help her through her grief. Ralphie and Sassy send their condolences. They also barked a huge thank you to Meggie for the cyber biccies and lick!. They are sending their own back to Meggie to enjoy.

Our locality seems to have dodged the tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and fires that have afflicted the US this far at least. We felt the earthquake in Colorado a few weeks ago, even though we are hundreds of miles away in another state. No damage - just the shaking. And I have family up and down the east coast - so the hurricane was a big worry. All are alive and well.

I think it is time for another W&G film for sure! :D

PoisonIvy Posted: Sep 6th 2011

Sorry to hear about your uncle, SockEye, and Shep and your guinea-pig, Fish. :-(

On the other hand, thank goodness your area has has managed to to avoid those natural disasters, Fish. Here's hoping it continues to do so!

Fish Posted: Oct 9th 2011

Thanks, Poisonivy! So far so good.

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