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Chocachoc Posted: May 20th 2011


Since finishing 'Barry the Snail - First Love' I have been thinking about what animations to do next. I will be sticking with Barry the Snail, but I felt that my last film took a very long time, and I'd prefer to have a series of short 1 minute films. These films will be short, snappy and hopefully won't take up too much time in one go.

I'd like to have a more stable series of animations that I can do in my spare time now, and when I go to university (I will not be doing animation as my degree, by the way). I feel like I will not have the time to create films that take 5 months to complete during my next few years and beyond. Also, with my simple set, several long 5 minute films may look repetitive and get boring after a few episodes. Sticking to short, simple plots I think is key.

My idea for my series of short animations is 'Barry the Snail finds...' (working title). Barry will come across items that I feel will be interesting for him to interact with. The items could be anything from life size cameras, or plasticine working portal guns!

Please let me know what you think of my idea and I will continue updating on anything I do after my exams are out of the way!



Gromits little bro Posted: May 21st 2011

I never think it right to advise someone how to continue with their creative work, especially someone as talented as you (I wish I was this talented, plus I wish I had good facilities \" ) However, in this instance, I will. I think that it's a great idea you've got to make a Barry the Snail series and I'm sure it would be very entertaining- I especially like the portal gun idea :D I like the life size camera one too- is Barry on a 1:1 scale compared to a snail? (hey that rhymes :P )
I also have exams (bad times) I have 4 AS exams this coming week :(
Genuinely can't wait for the next update!!


Chocachoc Posted: May 21st 2011

Thankyou! A am really looking forward to when the exams are over and I can start this series. Ive kind of done this already with Barry finding a slush mug, but it was a little rushed. Barry is the size of a garden snail, as his real shell needs to fit him!

I love how I will be able to improvise again with this series! Most of my experiments I would do no planning and see where it takes me (hence why Barry and dribble is a bit random!) of course, with this series everything will be smoother and the set will be used fully (clouds). I want the animations to look good and not another experiment.

Good luck with your exams! I have 4 next week aswell! Last ones (had 2 this week!)

Gromits little bro Posted: May 22nd 2011

You're welcome. I'd forgotten that Barry has a real snail shell- how did you get the shells? Did you find them in your garden, or did you buy them elsewhere?

Personally, I love experimenting, although none of my animations are up to much, but Curtains (you might have seen it: just happened, the only planning I did was that it would be set on a stage. Smoother? Your animation was uber smooth!! The clouds moved so believably (: Mine never move that smoothly, although the lighting changing all the time doesn't help- the only room I had for my set was the conservatory :P

Good luck in yours too (; it's a stressful time. In fact, I should be revising now.....


Chocachoc Posted: May 22nd 2011

I found it in my garden (already empty, of course)!

I mean I will make this series smooth like the film I just completed. If you have a look at 'Barry the Snail - Slush Mug' it is not as smooth and slightly jumpy. I don't think I could improve much from my last one! I spent such a long time making sure it was as good as I could get it!

Love curtains, by the way :D

Chocachoc Posted: May 24th 2011


Just a quick test of what I plan to do during the next few months ;)

I went out yesterday and bought the Microsoft Lifecam Studio and so far, it looks pretty good! Finally, my time has come to have HD videos on youtube! YEY!

Ursrut Posted: May 25th 2011

Awesome! Good luck in your exams chocachoc!

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