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Calls Posted: Jun 4th 2011

If you know what happened to Fluffles after the crocodile ate Piella... This the right place for you!

Lachlan h Posted: Jun 4th 2011


Seb Moderator Posted: Jun 6th 2011

Well this is a biography of everything we know about Fluffles:

Basically all we know is what we see in 'A Matter of Loaf and Death', we can presume she still lives with Wallace and Gromit - maybe she just didn't want to be involved with 'World of Invention'? ;)

Calls Posted: Jun 7th 2011

Thank you seb That was very helpful thanks

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 20th 2011

I think Seb's right - as far as we know she's still there! But there again, there haven't been any reoccuring characters in the other W&G films. Hmmm...maybe we need to climb inside Nick Park's brain to see if we can find out

timmythesheep848 Posted: Jun 20th 2011

Yep she could of just been upstairs!

Calls Posted: Jun 23rd 2011

I guess so thank you very much!

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