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iantimothy Posted: Jun 7th 2011

Beaver Creek Episode Seven is in production. The story is all finished, and about half of the dialogue is done. I can hopefully start shooting end of this week I am waiting for some new light reflectors, then I will be on my way! I think this episode should be great, lots of funny stuff, and a good story to go right with it!

This episode has one new character, I think he is gonna be a really good character!
I am not going to tell you what kind of animal he is (not a beaver) but I will tell you who voices him.
He is voiced (and sung) by........ *drumroll*....... John Gage!
now I know you're thinkin'.... Who is John Gage?

John Gage is sort of a legend in Louisville. He is a folk singer/story teller/minister. He is the founder and host of popular radio show "Kentucky Homefront" which features different musicians from all over the state. John has a great voice, it is just very warm and nice. The character he plays is not too different from himself... lets put it this way.... there was no second choice for this character, either John can do it, or I don't use the character, but luckily he could, and did, all of his dialogue is done and sounds great! He also sings a great little song with Twigs.

If you want to see, or hear a little of him you can watch this video!
and here is his bio

I will keep you posted on production and stuff!

iantimothy Posted: Jun 7th 2011

wallace05man Posted: Jun 8th 2011

i can't wait

preston the robot dog Posted: Jun 10th 2011

Wow I cant wait, im looking forward to seeing what animal the new character will be

Chocachoc Posted: Jun 11th 2011

Good luck with it, Ian!

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Jun 12th 2011

sounds great!!

iantimothy Posted: Jun 23rd 2011

Shooting has been going good! Well, sorta, I have had a few problems, but nothing that I didn't eventually get.

I have a little more than a minute completed, I animated the first shot with the new character today, it looks really good!

I also had something kind of cool happen.
Some of you have probably hear of an actor named William Mapother, he has been in a bunch of stuff, like "Lost" and all kinds of stuff. you can take a look here

but anyway, he went to my High School, and he saw the stuff I has been doing and he wanted to meet me, so he came over last week, and I showed him my studio and how i animate and stuff.

I had another little character in this episode with just a few lines, and William said he would do it, so we got him in the booth and Beaver Creek Episode Seven has a cameo from William Mapother.

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Jul 9th 2011

Great! Can't wait for the next episode Ian!! :D

iantimothy Posted: Aug 5th 2011

Beaver Creek Episode Seven Update

Date- 8/5/11

Amount shot- 3 minutes 40 seconds

Time spent shooting- 2 months

Number of sets- four

Number of characters- 5

Voice talent- Joel Timothy, John Gage, William Mapother

Music- Joel, Timothy, John Gage, Steve Cooley

Estimated completion- September 3rd-ish

Nathan M Posted: Aug 11th 2011

Beaver creek is amazing, I have watched it from the begining and they just keep getting better. Cant wait to see the new one when its finished.

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 19th 2011

How exciting!

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 23rd 2011

Hey Ian!
I just watched episode 7 on youtube, It's Great! I loved John Cage's character 'John Bear'. I also liked how his Teddy Bear got stuck in a trap. It was a bit comical.
I also loved the character of the Turtle, voiced by William Mapother.
Once again it was a very comical video! Keep up the good work =]

iantimothy Posted: Sep 23rd 2011

Thanks, Just so people see that it is done I always post a second thread saying that its complete that has the link. So if you post any more try to do it on here.

Darthplatypus Posted: Nov 2nd 2011


mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 3rd 2011

i saw that rotoscope vid you posted :D

Early2010 Posted: Nov 3rd 2011

I am very excited about this:)

morph2468 Posted: Jan 4th 2012

i would like twigs to fall in love in the next episode:-(|)!!!

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