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mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 15th 2011

Hey there partner I need some help
I've seen that you have a copyright logo (©) at the end of your short films did you have to pay for the copyright?
Thanks, MmasonGHI |-)

iantimothy Posted: Jun 15th 2011

I actually get this question a lot. I think you might be mistaking a copyright for a trademark or patent. A copyright basically says, "hey, I made this and this is mine, nobody take it!!!!" unless you are taking it to court it doesn't have to be registered or payed for, it is just a way of saying that something is specifically your creation, now if you make something like a fan animation of someone elses characters, like, say for the creations contest, you make a wallace and gromit animation, you cant put a copyright on that... Hope that makes sense.

Here is what the government says

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 18th 2011

Thanks! that helped a lot :D

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