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womble1 Posted: Jun 16th 2011

Hi :D

I have not be on for a while due to aload of different things but have been working hard on a web site for my animation

So here it is

Hopefully I will remember to update it every now and then ;)

anacheff Posted: Jun 16th 2011

Hi, sorry I haven't visited this site for a long time, been busy with a looot of homework and other stuff;), but I'll be visiting often.:D

womble1 Posted: Jun 18th 2011

@above. That is not appropriate for the topic

womble1 Posted: Jun 18th 2011

Would like to know opinions on the web site and any improvements that could be made.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 20th 2011

Hi womble, the site is looking good! Would you recommend Weebly as a good website creator?

womble1 Posted: Jun 20th 2011

Yes I would recommend it if you do not want to pay put get a good website though even if you do want to pay it offer extras that really help to make it look professional :D

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