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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 29th 2011

Curse of the Were-Rabbit was ranked number 15 in the top 25 animated films of all time by!


Wallace & Gromit out-ranked a number of fantastic films including the Disney classic, The Lion King (number 18 ) and modern blockbuster, Kung Fu Panda at number 21.

Pixar feature heavily in TIME’s list, with Toy Story 1 and 2, Wall-E, and Finding Nemo all taking positions in the league table. We’ll leave you to find out what took the top spot! Visit the TIME website now »

Where would you place Wallace & Gromit in your top 25 animated films? Do you think TIME missed any good ones off the list?

blueberry Posted: Jun 29th 2011

I think W&G should be in the top 5. At least better ranked than South Park!

kameatrix Posted: Jun 29th 2011

'Mary and Max' always seems a bit under-rated - glad about the winner, though.

daddyNumbers Posted: Jun 29th 2011

I agree with blueberry, W&G should be top 5 at least

Keep up the good work guys!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 29th 2011

Interesting comments everyone! I'm surprised they missed off My Neighbour Totoro - it's one of my favourite aside from Wallace & Gromit ;)

puppylove Posted: Jun 30th 2011

i think wallace and gromit shoud be:min:in the top 10:max:3,2or1st place:)|-) seriosly

iantimothy Posted: Jul 2nd 2011

That is great! I would replace COTWR with South Park... or better yet, just take South Park out all together... that show is like the exact opposite of everything I like!!

On another note, I couldn't agree more on the number one movie!!!!! look at the 3rd post on this thread

that was 8 months ago, I have always said Pinnochio was my favorite movie, I guess I am just smart :D

Gromitspeechless Posted: Jul 9th 2011

Really..... South Park.... really?
..... I'm Speechless !
But Wallace and Gromit should have been way than South Park like... really?

monkey4 Posted: Jul 28th 2011

I think South park |-)is funny b:-(|)ut cotwr:-(|) is better

monkey4 Posted: Jul 28th 2011

what came first :-(|):-(|):-(|):-(|):-(|):-(|):-(|):-(|):-(|):-(|):-(|):-(|)

cheesehead302 Posted: Aug 12th 2011

what came first the wallace or the gromit

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