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nam man06 Posted: Jul 1st 2011

I've not been on this site in what seems like ages,(remember me?) so i came back on and saw that it was the same old site that i know and love, but i also realised something negative... i was very annoying. I saw that a couple of my posts had no relevance to the thread,i made laughable attempts at serious speeches, i broke several rules and got away with it, i boasted and seemably posted a random picture i drew on every comment and just when you thought i had gone- i came back and trolled allover the threads with links to my website (i dont know what came over me at the time) then i swanned off back to that flipnote hatena website. That all was'nt all very true to my REAL personality, so i apologise to all the staff and residents of this site so i can start afresh (eeugh, that sounds so cheesy) |-) ,
Ta Ta then for now....

nam man06 Posted: Jul 4th 2011

replies please

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jul 9th 2011

Its ok |-)

Amiiex3 Posted: Jul 12th 2011

Hello! I'm kinda new, me and my friend have this account for our design project;) x

edmond Posted: Jul 16th 2011

i dont even remember you. maybe I wasnt here when you joined I joined a year ago

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