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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 5th 2011

****UPDATE: Due to adverse weather conditions the event will now be held on September 3rd****

It has been revealed today that Wallace & Gromit will be the guest judges at this year’s Grand Day Out Sandcastle Competition, organised by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and North Somerset Council.

Teams of architects, students, designers (and a few Aardman staff!) will compete on the sands near the annual Sand Sculpture Festival site on Saturday September 3rd. The final sand creations will then be judged and prizes will be awarded for:

• Tallest creation
• Most technically daring
• Best overall sand castle
• People's Choice

Holiday-makers will be invited to choose their favourite in the people's choice award and all funds raised will go to Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal, which supports Bristol Children's Hospital.


Asa peters Posted: Jul 5th 2011


Gromit lad Posted: Jul 5th 2011

Oh dear...that wasn't a close shave... First time my family and I have gone to the beach for vacation. With all that sand could've build a big ol' castle. But...

still doesn't mean I still wanna see the cool ones people make! GO! Lol.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 6th 2011

Take a look at this Wallace & Gromit creation that was made at last year's sandcastle sculpture festival - Amazing!!

samuelhayward Posted: Jul 6th 2011

wow I wish I could go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks amazing!!!!!

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 6th 2011

Haha! Thats cool! All that work put into it...sad to think someone came by to kick it over or the coast got to it...But time well spent!

actually I have a confession...I dont like the feeling of wet sand on my feet, than you walk into dry sand...than put on sandals

Gromits little bro Posted: Jul 11th 2011

Oh having to wear shoes with sand on your feet is a horrible sensation, but other than that, I love sand! And the sandcastle competition looks awesome.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 11th 2011

Yeah I hate that gritty sensation too If it's not raining at the weekend I'm going to try and head down to take some pictures of the sandcastles :D

puppylove Posted: Jul 13th 2011

thats really>:-).i wish i coud do a sandcaste like that ;) i wish i coud do any kind of sandcastle:'(

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 13th 2011

Wait, it's a festival and people will be all together on the beach making sandcastles? If so get it on video so we can see how its going.


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