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Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 6th 2011

Hi Everyone!

We love seeing your Creations entries, and we've always been very impressed with the amount of talent we see every month.
Have a peek at the previous entries here »

We'd love to know if you would like a theme for your Creations in the future, and if you do, what themes would you like? This is your chance tell us what you think!

Don't be shy, post your ideas below!

iantimothy Posted: Jul 6th 2011

no!!!! I think making a theme would be bad for three reasons!

One, it would just put a limit on creativity, putting barriers up for people, and giving them certain parameters to what they can and can't do, that isn't always a bad thing, but in this case I think it is.

And two, a lot of people do stop motion animation, and if it is going to be even a few minutes long, that takes more than a month, so the you would have to announce the theme several months in advance to let the animators, well, animate. and a lot of them are still young, so something might come up that causes them to delay, and then they would miss the deadline for the creation theme that they have been working on for four months, or something.

And three, not everyone puts things on to win, just for exposure, and for some constructive criticism. When I put my Beaver Creek Episodes in the Creations, I know it probably won't win, but there is still a chance. I think there are quite a few people that do this, and that would limit those people what they could put on if it had to be themed! I know because my animations aren't Wallace and Gromit, they are probably not going to win first place, but other people can still watch and enjoy them... I mean, hey... who wouldn't want that first prize Nick Park signature... but that isn't always the reason for putting things up... thanks to you, I know Nick has actually seen Beaver Creek, which is good enough for me

I have been using this site for almost 4 years, and I think keeping it open would be better for people who just want to be free about what they make. and keep it open for everyone and every creation that just wants even a slightest chance to win, or just to showcase their work.

sorry for all of that, just my thoughts on the matter.

nam man06 Posted: Jul 6th 2011

I agree :-|

Abbi1234 Posted: Jul 6th 2011

me too

Gromits little bro Posted: Jul 7th 2011

Me three, it's a nice idea, but I dont think it would work on here unfortunately

Ursrut Posted: Jul 7th 2011

I always find a theme helps me but I think, if I may, that there could be a compromise in this situation taking into consideration everyone else's view. I think that people could tick whether or not their work is for the theme competition and have maybe one winner for that, like the topbun award had, and then run the other competition aside that for other creations. It would also be awesome like Iantimothy suggested if you could maybe put a list up of the themes you are planning to run maybe 6 months ahead of time? so in March, so that it would finish in September, just in time fore the new school term- and gives people a chance to complete it over the summer, and will mean there will be a fair few entries . The next theme would go up for April in October, May for November ect. just to give people a little bit of for warning <
That's what I think any way- probably not fully thought through yet- but it was just a quick jot down of ideas.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 8th 2011

Thanks for the feedback so far! The main reason we asked is that the themes on the Shaun the Sheep website seem to be quite popular and we've even got members suggesting their own themes! Their work is mainly drawings, rather than animation, so I can understand it may not work so well on W&G.

It seems the general consensus is to keep the competition open to all entries, or at least give people a lot of notice and the option to upload unrelated work into a separate part of the gallery.

I'll leave the thread open so anyone else is welcome to add their suggestions too!

wallace05man Posted: Jul 9th 2011

i think it would be a good idea, but if you didn't have to follow the theme to win or be runner up, just as a suggestion because it's worked out for sts so far

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jul 9th 2011

i agree with Ian.

Gromitspeechless Posted: Jul 9th 2011

Who's lan? Also maybe the themes could lead to less competition because alot of people can still post irrevelant pictures/animations and not care if they are in the competition or not. But a theme could limit the creativity of artists if they only have a month to think and to draw/animate. Then theres not much time to create. So im like with and against it. What do you think, ehh Gromit?

I guess he's speechless ;)

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Jul 10th 2011

i think you should do one for doctor who;)

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 11th 2011

Thanks for the comments everyone, keep them coming!

kld - you could always create a Doctor Who-themed W&G creation anyway? ;)

Purple&Brown Posted: Jul 11th 2011

Say if you are someone that finds it hard to come up with an idea, like me, a theme is a good place to start. Yet I do agree with Ian that it limits people to what they want/can do. Maybe you could put a theme up every week, yet not make it a restriction so that you have to make something to do with that particular theme.

wallace05man Posted: Jul 11th 2011

yeah, you could do a theme just as a suggestion, but can still win or runner up even if it's not the theme

Purple&Brown Posted: Jul 11th 2011

I agree with wallace05man

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 13th 2011

Hmm ok, maybe on the upload page we could put a "suggested theme" each month?

If you have any suggestions for themes you'd like to see, let me know!

masha72981 Posted: Jul 19th 2011

I don't think we need theme's, it limits creativity. However, if people are bored or stuck for ideas, a theme would be a good idea
Themed and non-themed creations could work :D

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Jul 24th 2011

lol i luv @ellie m now she uploaded my amy pond creation:D

Nathan M Posted: Jul 24th 2011

I think a theme would be always a good thing to have, I always spend ages thinking of what I could make to enter. However if its the same theme peoples ideas may clash together and they may make simular creations that might be hard to judge apart.
Having given this some thought, I think that it is fine how it is, However you could have a theme every other month? to let creativity flow and let us know what the theme will be to plan and start making. Then fill the rest of the months with usual creations related to wallace and gromit etc.

meganelle Posted: Jul 25th 2011

Please help! I am having a horribly difficult time uploading an image. All I get is this blank screen with a bunch of computer codes!
I read that the problem may be the size of the image, but if so what size is allowed?! And how does one change the size?!
Themes would be really cool! But I agree that the creativity would be limited. Also, it would depend on if the themes would be determining what medium would be used... Overall, both sides have valid points! It's a tough call.

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 26th 2011

Hi meganelle, you should be able to upload your picture if you try again now! Let us know if you have any other problems, but all should be fixed.

Keep your opinions coming whether you would like creation themes! It sounds like a 'suggested theme' may be the way to go...

meganelle Posted: Jul 26th 2011

OHMYLANTA IT WORKED! Thank you so much!! :D

Sniggles Posted: Jul 27th 2011

i agree with ian, i think there should be no themes just because people should not be limited on their creativity, but it is still a good idea!

Piggy199 Posted: Aug 3rd 2011

I think themes would be a awesome Idea!:D

evastar7 Posted: Aug 3rd 2011

i think they could do a theme if someone WANTS to or some else could do there own thing that will be quite fair.for the themes they should be seasonal.

:D what do you think ?

Roosterlee Posted: Aug 4th 2011

Not really. I think it should stay the same,as its nice seeing all the diffrent ideas.

Gromit lad Posted: Aug 5th 2011

When I think theme, I think background. For instance, when you log into the site," Welcome back ____! You've missed a lot( or something) and pictures of new creations and threads. Yet, at be, everyone already goes and clicks on creations or forums and scams through. Maybe specific viewings towards creation winners or... perhaps a little cubed cheese icon that makes a squeaking noise when you roll your cursor over it...oh! Sorry, im too busy dreaming.

lad... I'm lost...

abra Posted: Aug 5th 2011

we should not really do a theme like the shaun the sheep website. That targets more variety since shaun is a very flexible character to make a creation on, especially when he gets into a lot of mischeif.
Imagine doing an easter hunt or a fireworks night (you can still but it is not really open, wallace is a grown man and gromit is a matured dog!! :surprise:).

in my personal opinion, you can make a monthly theme maybe of the seasons or even plots or settings. Overall, a theme wouldnt be so good...
(P.S. when would you update the Aardman Darkside website, i am awaiting more of Rex and Angry Kid season 2

(P.P.S. like website, maybe there can be open seasonal comps relating to w&g films that may include answering questions or puzzles)

(P.P.P.S) The Pirates! would be #1 on my list of 2012 movies.. Cant really understand the plot though.. :-(
(P.P.P.P.S) Does the Monkey on the end of the emoticon panel relates to anything?? just wondering 8)

Gromit6212 Posted: Aug 5th 2011

I like looking at all the different creations as you never know what the next creation could be! :)

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 8th 2011

yes yes yes yes i think we should, it'll be like the shaun the sheep website

Piggy199 Posted: Aug 10th 2011

i agree with chicken lickin!!

Piggy199 Posted: Aug 10th 2011

aardman staff Ummm... when i click on goodies wallpapers they all come up with the wrong picture which i want for my background sorry to trouble you.:-|

puppylove Posted: Aug 14th 2011

katie if you read this PLEASE HELP MEEE!i bloct buddies by mistake and i want to unblock!tell me what to do PLEASE:'(

Roosterlee Posted: Aug 15th 2011

Hi 'puppylove' I know I'm not Katie, but I think you can unblock people on your profile. Just click 'edit' at the top of the page near you log in name. Then you will be able to edit your profile e.t.c. It should then say 'Block friends' underneath the box with your personal information in.
Also if you have a question to ask any Aardman staff you could send them a email and they will reply quicker. :)
Hope my information helps.

waldo15 Posted: Aug 15th 2011

NO THEME!!!!!!!!!

LoveShaun19 Posted: Dec 28th 2011

HI! I do a lot of Artwork for the STS website and I'm hoping to branch out and do more on here. While I love the themes for the STS competetions, I can see how they might not work out so well in the W&G ones. Just as a suggestion, instead of doing a theme that is for a prize, you could keep the competetions open with no theme, but, seeing as how some people wanted the theme so that they could have help with ideas, the Aardman staff could create a forum/discussion so that fans could suggest themes to other fans. It would be simillar to the discussion " Your chance to sugest an artyard theme" on STS, but it would mainly be so that fans could swap Ideas, choose their own theme, and draw it if they wanted to, but the theme wouldn't be necessary to enter or win the competetion. Please don't change the way you do the theme's on STS though, they're really fun and they help organize the competetion.:D-respectfully, LOve Shaun19 P.S. do you think that's a good idea , Katie?

w&gfan75 Posted: Feb 26th 2012


coocoo99947 Posted: Apr 12th 2012

I'd actully like doing themes then it could be a good challange for us to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xsyrenn Posted: May 1st 2012

I started submitting entries to Shaun the Sheep first and thought that a theme contest was really neat and challenging! I enjoy working around guidelines as I'm terrible when it comes to thinking up my own ideas. After submitting my first piece to Shaun the Sheep and then checking out Wallace and Gromit, I was surprised to see that the competition here was themeless. It made it a little more difficult for me to submit pieces to this website because I couldn't think of anything to do.

If you've noticed all of the things I've submitted have been copies of images that are here on the site. xD; Rather boring if you ask me.

I'm all for there being a theme every month, but the general concensus is to not have one! Either way I still have loads of fun with the competiton.  

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: May 1st 2012

maybe sometimes but not every month

Roosterlee Posted: May 9th 2012

I agree with 'MrTechnoTrousers,' maybe sometimes but not every month. Maybe every other month. :)

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Jun 5th 2012

I agree with Mr.Techno Trousers and Rooster Lee.

Piggy199 Posted: Jun 8th 2012

If tre are going tobe themes when will they start??

Fossa_juliette Posted: Jun 10th 2012

i dont no because i like simple so i can show the little details but i put in tiny things that give it their true personality. i am about to enter my first competetion and i am not in it to win it i just think that i can try something and that i can get tips to help i just think its a reaally good idea (the monthly competition) and imagination and style is needed and thymes i think would make it limited.
to be honest dont take this into your brain cos others might think different.  

doakley Posted: Aug 2nd 2012

I think we should just let our imagination flow without themes, yet if there is something special happening in the month (ex: holidays, olympics) could be chosen as the winner.

cocolangham Posted: Aug 10th 2012

i dont mind :p xx can we creat our own themes like pick a background then add the people we want in it :p xx

lottie78 Posted: Jan 9th 2013

yes pweasee
i'm from the tmp and i really liked having themes

emma_b Posted: Jan 20th 2013

yes, themes would be great --- it makes me think about drawing things I don't usually draw-- 
I agree Lottie - before the TMP I used to just draw the same sort of pictures over and over, it really made me think about drawing lots of different things! 

The themes seem to work well on the Shaun the Sheep website I is nice to see what everybody else decides to draw

daisychimp Posted: Jan 21st 2013

There could be two seperate competitions- one for what you want, and the other with a theme! :)

rorza Posted: Mar 26th 2013

I think it would be a good idea but we should'nt have to do it if we don't want to, we should only use it if we've run out of ideas or for inspiration.')">

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